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  1. lovely golf avantgarde,test oct tax aug,110000 miles,electric roof,4x elec windows,hood cover,wind blind,bbs rx2 split rims,just had timming belt kit and water pump,after a corrado,gti turbo,gt tdi.or £1850 cash car near barnsley
  2. some better pics of car with new wheels :wave:
  3. dont know much about the shocks really,they were advertised as being off a g60,their alko gas shocks,with good quality red 40mm lowering springs?the wheels have a bit of kerbing but not much,i had to buy the spigots though they were missing,cost me £5. :)
  4. got the wheels from leeds last week off gumtree £100 with tyres,17inch.same as team dynamics tornados.
  5. hi cheers for that,got soe gas shocks off ebay with new 40mm lowering springs £41.just need putting on,cant afford any coilovers,id love some though,it should look 10 times better with the shocks and springs on,going to tint headlights yellow and top of rear clusters smoke next :)
  6. just a quick pic,took it outside work with the new wheels on,ill take some better ones later,just need the suspension on now to lower it,do you think the wheels suit it guys? :wave:
  7. i think its slowly possesing me ,i might need an exorsism,its getting a bit obsesive this polishing and ive got one arm bigger than the other, through polishing the car before any jokers jump in :lol:
  8. love the red tail lights,love the red and black ones too,id have to draw straws.both suit the car :D
  9. ye well spotted dark burgundy pearl,it was on auto trader for £970 i had no cash so swapped him for an r reg passat tdi that i couldnt sell for love nor money,i stuck it on ebay for £800 and no-one wanted it and i was desperate for a corrado so took a risk and swapped him.the rado drove spot on but close up the paint works shoddy,bad previous paint job,but i dont know if im going daft or not but every time i polish it,it seem to get a bit better,it really does gleam now.bet autoglym are in prophet this year i used 1 litre of super resin already lol :lol:
  10. got this nice and cheap,its all i could afford,but i love it,it drives spot on.2.0 16v,new clutch and master cylinder already fitted when i bought.ive polished the hell out of it,3-4 times a week,had a nasty fuel leak near the pump so changed the main fuel pipe,this disturbed the accumulator and that leaked.one new accumulator later,new fuel filter and all fittings problem cured.it did stall sometimes untill it warmed up but a friend cleaned out the throttlebody and it cured that,reverse lights wernt working,easy fix this just plugged in the connector on the gearbox.old alpine cd headunit now fitted to match the black dashboard.since these pics ive fitted 17inch multispoke alloys £100 off gumtree and a motorsport badge set £7.99.ive got a pair off rear gas shocks and 4x40mm lowering springs £41 off the bay these are to fit,just need to save up a bit to pay someone to fit them,it will look 100% a bit lower.im going to tint the top of the rear lights black as well as the side repeaters and do the headlights yellow euro style.it will never be a show car but its just the joy of personalising it and the driving,i love how they drive,hope you guys like it,ill take a few updated pics with the new wheels on my next days off to see what you think.thanks for looking :wave:
  11. M3VWG


    sorry,i liked the v dub badge :D
  12. M3VWG


    hi all,ive got 1992 2.0 16V.It has white needles on the dials,question is will the later clocks with the red needles fit streight in or are the connections on the back of the clocks different?thanks :confused4:
  13. M3VWG


    please lock the fault was cured thankyou
  14. nice wish mine looked like that,keep polishing
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