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  1. well the car has a rebuild on it. stage 3 chip.. not sure exact company.. but i think its a popular one.. its my dads car but he doesnt know how to use computers.. he bored it out put bigger pistons, new super charger, exhaust, but this thing just has no balls at all. the VDO gauge says im boost 20psi :shock: .. but it still doesnt go for shit.. full throttle switch works and everything. i have no idea what it could be..the chip came with a T thing that connects inline with the intercooler piping by the TB.. can anyone think of any reason i have no power. dont get me wrong.. the car moves. but not like u would exspect..the car is slower than civics
  2. 1sxyrxy

    vibrasion problem

    oh yeah i just remember he got a racing clutch and it chatters like a [email protected]# but dont know if that was it
  3. 1sxyrxy

    less power?

    damn keep forgeting mods he also has a RSR G-Lader Outlet Kit i think thats pretty much it, he does have intake but dont think its in now. he says he feels less low end power with it
  4. 1sxyrxy

    less power?

    oh yeah he also took out his cat and upgraded his exhuast manifold
  5. well i dont have a corrado but my dad does and i noticed that at low end when hes taking off from a stop sighn or something everything seems to vibrate alot in the inside of the car. this just because its not secure or are the engine mount bushings going bad? thanks -Neil
  6. 1sxyrxy

    less power?

    well. i dont own a corrado my dad does and he was talking to me about how his car almost has as much power as it used to. so i decided to ask he said it lost power after he blew his super charger he then replaced it with a brand spankin new one. his also got his engine rebuilt,bored out new pissons the whole shindig. he also just got a new fuel presure regulator stage 3 chip and some other thing not sure what it is but its shaped like a T its big and circle witha leg comin off of it. well anyways i was just wondering if there is something he needs to know. thanks -neil
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