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  1. Hadn't noticed the aerial delete, nice touch. Will you have an aerial somewhere else on the car or just stream music? Are they removing the rear windows and the spoiler rubbers? Looks a little odd to have bare metal'd round them
  2. Thanks, appreciate it Comments were about the paint, I am still working on that and I'll be the first to admit it still needs work, but he walked up to the front looked at it and then said the paint was sh*t, look at that run, then walked off, had no idea about the rest of the work that went into the car cos he could not see past a run in the paint
  3. Another weekend and its first show, some good comments but also some negative from an owner of a cheque book car so I wont worry too much about that Parked up with another Corrado, some of you will also know Stuart
  4. Looks good Cressa COuple I took today with the other cars And an arty shot
  5. Thanks, the mudflaps were universal from ebay The charge for CCGB does seem a little much for a couple of mags and a sticker that I cant use, but I did go to the day at Brooklands last year, would like it if they did that again so I could take mine
  6. Luckily, other than some rubbing on the rear aches it behaved itself quite nicely TBH I'm not sure if there was
  7. Had a Corrado Club of GB meet today, was a good turnout, just a couple of photos
  8. some of you may have seen this already but here are a few pictures from the weekend changed the rear plinth for a smooth de-locked covered in carbon wrap Rear plate is held in place using magnets so can be removed for the full smooth look at shows
  9. looks good, enjoy it I used to love driving my old G60
  10. was a good feeling and has sunk in now Insured for £212 which I didnt think was too much considering all my no claims are on the other car so this is starting from scratch Not taxed yet as I am to tight to pay for a whole month when there are only a couple of days left so tax will start on 1st May when it will officially hit the road. First meet will be a CCGB Norfolk/Suffolk meet on the 8th then gonna try Beetle juiced on the 21st, will see how it runs before I venture much further 🤣
  11. A genius idea, I take my hat off to you
  12. Still a little in shock today but yesterday it passed the MOT 😝 Couple of things that the drive to the test centre highlighted, the front suspension is a bit crashy, the rear tyres catch the arches and for some reason the oil pressure reading has gone a bit wrong but I'll get onto those
  13. Thanks Sean, I hope you are right 🙂 Added a couple of other bits today, Mudflaps to the rear to go with those on the front and a small reversing camera that will be shown on the display
  14. Few finishing touches prepping for the MOT Dash assembled And a little naughty, but took it for a drive round the block to be sure it actually drove ok Will book it for an MOT this week, if all goes well with that I'll flat and polish the rest of the paint
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