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  1. You mean you dont know 🤦‍♂️ Electromechanical park brake module 😄 Wiring diagram looks to be quite simple although is does connect to my non-existent ABS unit but hopefully that will only be for the auto hold that I wont use (yet)
  2. The leather trim on my handbrake is looking quite tatty, so whilst looking on ebay I found this 😄 Just need a couple of new rear calipers to go with it
  3. rear part of the harness reworked, just need to wrap it Includes all rear light feeds separated out, spoiler, rear screen heater, boot pop, TPMS rear antenna, Rear interior light (from mk5 GTI) TFSI fuel pump, heated front seats. Rear wiper has been deleted Looks like I need to change the way the lights are set out, the brake lights on the mk5 use the same bulb as the side lights (but so does the Corrado, I hear you say) well yes, but the mk5 uses the same element, so I have changed the rear fog lights to be side and brake then the original brake lights will be the fogs 🙂 hopefully.
  4. After once again almost getting it to a point where it was ready to go, I have managed to take many many steps backwards. I have spent some time getting the BCM working and now have it transmitting CAN data and worked out what most of it means (part of the joy of being a supplier to VAG 😁 ) The BCM supplies each light separately so not only each side light, headlight but also brake lights (each side and 3rd), rear fog lights (I've deleted the fronts) and reverse lights, which means running some extra wires to the rear lights and into the tailgate. So, I have again removed the interior and dash, maybe sometimes I should just bang head against a wall instead, removed all the wiring and the fuse box, then started modifying the fuse bracket to hold the BCM and a later fuse box Now started re-making the harnesses, starting with the rear
  5. Great job you have done there, your car looks spot on. I am a fan of the mudflaps and mine will have them as well 👌 Do you know what that sensor on the servo does?
  6. Keep looking at the mess crammed into the corner under the dash, commonly known as the fuse box and thinking that is just the reason so many cars have problems. So I bought one of these Body control module and will supply power to most of the car. Unfortunately I won't do everything so will still need to keep the fuse box box with only a few wires Using this will also mean more data for the CAN bus I'm using for the MoTeC Now need to work out the best place to put it 🙂
  7. Is the fuel tank from a model with the raised boot floor? Where abouts in Essex are you?
  8. Todays job, fit a washer bottle from a mk5 golf, fits in quite nice although I may need to modify the air duct to get around it
  9. I fitted a Skoda Octavia mk1 roof in mine, cartridge and glass fits fine but the motor was a problem, I have heard there are 2 types of mk1 octavia motor or roof and one does fit right but not 100% sure on that
  10. Mine are a little worn now 😞
  11. Not much of an update, been a bit busy with the house this weekend Got a tip for the exhaust, nice fake carbon from ebay and started looking at the side repeater fitting in the mirrors because I deleted them from the wings
  12. Thanks for the link Keyo How much did that cost you
  13. Seen this on an Ameriacn page on Facebook, looks ok but wonder how well it would withstand with the heat from headlights Anyone tried it? https://culturehustle.com/products/mirror?_pos=1&_sid=0b1f11585&_ss=r&fbclid=IwAR3PD7nnRlRQVeARMcb_sCrZetlMkdfEwvVZBdLKhOXZKR6D5uhW9NrVjQk
  14. Then last week when we were promised sun for the weekend I resprayed, again the drivers side and tailgate, another few coats that I can flat and polish In other news, I got hold of some heated seat relays, a dash switch and have made most the harness for it, even managed to get a new connector for the switch, I'll let you know how it gets on when its done Next problem is the driveshafts, they need to have the DSG inner CVs and the Corrado 4 stud outer CVs, I have found some in Germany that are for the 02M box, I need to measure the length and see if the 02M is the same as DSG Other little niggles that need fixing are the reverse light switch which the DSG doesn't have, that will be another arduino project and also the same for the spoiler control because there isn't a speed signal like the 02A boxes
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