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  1. Seem to have misplaced mine during the rebuild :( Please shout if you have a spare, must be damage and rust free
  2. Recognise it now, saw the build on facebook
  3. Was this not up for 40k at one point? Price guess it depends on the resto carried out e.g. full nut and bolt rebuild, bodywork all sorted etc.
  4. I repaired my old loom....then got lucky with an excellent condition engine loom of ebay for £25...they do come up if your patient
  5. Same setup as yours dude...Vorecth stage 2
  6. CR dropped for FI, Schrick cams fitted :) Unable to attach pics :(
  7. Thats the exact one I have very good crane, made easy work of removing me engine and box a few weeks back....I would highly recommnd using the load leveller as well https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cll500-load-leveller/ FYI Keep an eye on ebay they come up quite regular...got mine for £50 only used once
  8. blue95

    VR6 Enigne loom

    Thought they has sold out...will give them a shout anyway to double check....unless you fancy selling yours lol
  9. blue95

    VR6 Enigne loom

    After the the engine wiring harness - from the multiplug onwards to the enigne...must be for a coilpack Corrado VR6 Cheers
  10. Something doesn't sound right mate...had VT on my 4x4 and found them to be superb at minimising movement....sure you haven't overtightened the mounts and sheared the bolt fittings? FYI they don't require torqueing up anywhere near as much as the factory mounts.
  11. What a great motor.....bargain buy for someone....get it on eBay for a higher price :0
  12. may have a complete black leather interior coming up soon, front seats are not stock though, they are Porsche electric tombstones, compete with looms ready to drop in Straight in
  13. blue95

    Rear bumper iron

    Hello all after the rear bumper iron, must be in reasonable condition mine has rusted through. If needs be I’ll buy the whole rear bumper.
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