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  1. Thats the one thing that leaked lol..new rubber seal on order
  2. Cheers all...defo an emotional moment 🙂 Missus first statement...so this means you'll be spending less time in the garage lol
  3. Pleased to say we have another Corrado back on the road 🙂 Started first turn...that was a relief! Few more jobs still to do, but motivated now I can drive it...next on the list Bodywork sorted wheels redone New brake lines all round, rear (R32) vented disc conversion and front (TT) 312mm I will also likely be changing the lights back to stock
  4. check ISV wirng, mine had cracks and was shorting, leading to erratic idiling
  5. Design wise I went for the easy option :), edges are sealed using a high temp seal, figured this would help with any vibration as well. Fams are also mounted on rubber washers. left some gaps at the bottom of the fans though for drainage and debris etc.
  6. Appears to have stopped leaking, rechecked the sump bolts corener ones were not torqed 100% not optmoisitc...time will tell
  7. Some small progress...oil cooler fitted, engine has oil in it for the first time - already has a slight weap from the sump 😞, disappointed as all the gasket/seal changes were farmed out. Try some quick fixes first as I dont fancy draining brand new oil. Hoping to turn the eningne over for the first time as well. Coolant sysytem to take care of next, new rad, shroud and fans built up ready to go in after wiring sorted.
  8. get the car scanned first, if you cant wait check wiring, my idle control valve wiring was shot so casued me similar issues
  9. Cheers, traced the wire back goes to the multiplug, the old loom did have a few cracks and the wire was corroded, so assume there was a bad earth at some point which led to this fix.
  10. Green/White - Throttle Position Sensor Signal? Black/Gray - Throttle Position Sensor Power? Brown/Green - earth Plan to trace the Brown/Green wire to see where it goes to originally as well - can only assume root cause was bad earth but id like to be sure. Dont plan to emulate on my newer loom
  11. Hello all, Whilst sorting my replacement engine harness (95 VR6) i noticed on my old loom that the wiring for my Throttle position Sensor had been altered, in particular the brown/green wire had been earthed....just wondered why this would need to be done? as the wiring looked OK, assume the the other end is earthed somewhere
  12. Quality work mate! hats off to you
  13. Wow that is rusty, not seen that before, you may have picked up a bad batch of contaminated fuel (containing water) remember reading up on a few incidents
  14. Power delivery was very linear with this car with this setup on the old engine, prob is with the charger and the Schrick on its hard to tell what makes the diff. I had a stock vr6 at the same time and the difference between the two cars was night and day, stock vr as was a very refined cruiser with power at the top of the rev range. With the charger and the schrick the VR is quick right from the start, with very linear power delivery and continues to pull hard well over 100mph
  15. Supercharger came with Bosch red injectprs just had them cleaned and rebuilt by http://www.injectortune.co.uk/ came back like new with flow report, very reasonable price as well.
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