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  1. I stand corrected it had a Quaife Engineering dif fitted and the 1st/2nd input shaft and bearing replaced
  2. I think it was a peloquin , will dig out the receipt
  3. Thats what I was reckoning as well...as the kids these days all want TFSI/FSI or R32 lumps
  4. Mulling over taking the car in a different direction at the moment, may sell the VR lump and box...just not sure on pricing: Spec New 2.8 VR6 lump (never run), Schrick cams fitted, all seals and and gaskets replaced by Stealth - included head gasket, also had a new timing chain kit fitted. Also had all new crack pipe, thermo housing, sesnors all round fitted. Have reciepts for the work VR6 box - rebuilt by Stealth, with some of the gears were replaced, also a diff was fitted - have a receipt for the work
  5. MIne just has one of those white clips over it
  6. Cheers guys, helps massively....sounds about right looking at the bolts and how they are secured
  7. Cheers all, I have seen some threads saying 60Nm, but tbh the yellow one is holding up the rad support, and the blue is tiny and just appears to bolt into a captive not onthe rad support, again not doing much
  8. OK welding will have to wait, to cheer mself up and after much messing arround engine finally in, happy as I have space in my garage and can chuck in loads more bits as well. Also started wrapping the loom and swapping out bolts and clips for stainless items.
  9. Cant find torque settings in Bentley, I know I had it written somewhere just can find where....seem to find conflicting settings when I search, does anyone know what the correct torque settings is for bolts pictured in yellow and blue? 25Nm?
  10. πŸ™‚ Coming along nicely
  11. Once sorted just going to paint, there is already sound deadening inside, so might just add another layer internally
  12. Yep the bitumen looked slightly different. the rest peeled off easily enough as well, guess after 25 years its given a good service
  13. ** Rust Warning ** Was on the verge of putting the engine back in, thought I would clean the scuttle area.... gutted to find rust lurking in the scuttle area under the bitumen sound deadening.... looks like it’s a dash out repair 😞. Was very P'd off yesterday, however new day and all that...will give me a chance to tidy wiring and replace the heater matrix I would recommend all owners check the condition of their cars scuttle area, or check fro under the dash area. The damage appears to be localised to low points/contours where water appears to have collected/become trapped and reacted over time.
  14. Welome back, looking very sharp !
  15. Awesome thanks mate, guess it must have just fell off
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