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  1. when i fitted the interior no looms were changed the only loom i changed was the headlight loom, but since i had it i cannot confirm what else has been done
  2. looks great, its funny how wrapping looks so easy in pics, but its something i could screw up pretty quick
  3. wow thats pretty cool
  4. dont use the ultra white 100w bulbs, they heat up the lenses so much a slight stone cracks your lenses. Also use the above link to make your own loom, its really easy
  5. Baz email me the full specs and details at the usual address, thanks
  6. Yeah that's the time I kinda stopped coming online baby ways off to see a Corrado tomorrow. See what happens. Unfortunately it's a VR6
  7. wow, are these forum car prices. because the ones im looking at are sub 2k - saw a 2.0 16v 70k for £1,700 not bad condition either ---------- Post added at 11:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:25 AM ---------- more or less same boat here, family man with a A4 Avant B7 few tweeks but nothing the Mrs will notice. i think the last time i was on here was when you bought the Passat Varient after you had the accident in the G60 and the insurance company was offering you silly money
  8. im an old man now Jim old and frail... anyways whats a good price these days for a sub 100k good condition Corrado 16v/G60?
  9. hiya bud, blimey, didnt think you would ever sell yours, with all the amount of work you did to it, was it worth it in the end?
  10. Baron I be talking the Avant to MIVW. After last time we didn't have a functional G60 between us haha
  11. Coullstar I saw that on Facebook. Must of been a whole ago? Didn't look anything like it did. I see some many cars around on the roads that look either standard or battered or ridiculous. I feel like I need to save one from the "corrado destroyers" ironically
  12. Wow so many old faces Hi Don't worry ok an old man now. No more trouble I hope. And yeah Andi I was locked out lol Can't believe OSV still has the rado. Well done for holding on Anyone know where my old car has gone by any chance? The G60? ---------- Post added at 3:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 3:41 PM ---------- Last time you told me off you had a red valver :-)
  13. Can't believe it's been over 10 years since I bought my 1st Corrado. Still can't get them out of my head. There's serious unfinished business left. I'm looking for another one for a pure summer toy not a daily like the G60 was. Seen a couple but nothing really exciting. Finding a good one is hard now. Wonder if any of the old guys are still around. Say hi if you are!
  14. i think i killed the other one at UD's :D cant wait to see this finished...
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