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  1. Hi all, please see attached: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202103110011151?advertising-location=at_cars&is-quick-search=TRUE&postcode=co101jj&model=CORRADO&page=1&make=VOLKSWAGEN&include-delivery-option=on&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertClassification=standard&sort=relevance&modal=photos Any questions PM me on either. Thanks
  2. Hi looking for above bits please Late type fog lights and headlights if possible?
  3. I'm looking to sell my beloved Black G60, time for change after owning these for 17 years ☺ KW suspension coilovers 17" LM BBS replicas SS exhaust S2 Supercharger serviced 219000 along with timing belt Recent lambda probe LED lights Dash in blue lights and red needles Spoiler has variable settings MOT January 2018 Few niggles, alarm needs a service but works. Roof lining where sunroof concerned needs replacing Passenger window motor does not work (spare part I will give free to fix) Bodywork sound, some paint scuffs expected after 25yrs 226000 miles. Excellent runner, thrilling to drive and never let me down. I have nearly every spare for this car, spare supercharger, engine, ancillaries, crossmember, gear box, clocks, trim, exhaust and switch gear (too much to list) probably £2k worth Enough to ensure long term motoring in the right hands. I'll do a deal with the right person, £3200 ono for car or £4200 for the lot Pics to follow. Any questions PM me anytime.
  4. Can anyone advise on using the following company for my G60? http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk/products/supercharger-rebuild-service-g60-g40.html
  5. Ginger60

    Roof lining

    Good evening, I wonder if anyone can advise a good interior fabric/roof lining specialist? I'd like to replace the area around the sunroof...
  6. Bar tek looks excellent until I remembered the current exchange rate(!)
  7. Thanks guys that's all sound advice, I will make the enquiries and will put my progress & findings on here. It's definitely looking hard to source a decent kit so far...
  8. Hello, Can anyone advise me on doing my own G60 service. Im an engineer by trade so competent to proceed. Cheers
  9. Hi John, sent you an email, make me an offer plus postage? Did you want the clocks?
  10. Hi mate sorry, something came up last night, yes I did... Do you have an email I can send to?
  11. Hi mate sorry, something came up last night, yes I did... I'll post...
  12. Hi John, Yes OK mate I will do that tonight for you, Cheers
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