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  1. I'm not taking the mickey here, but have you checked that your indicator stalk hasn't simply been knocked into the indicate left position? That'd turn on the left headlamp when the ignition is off, and turn the left indicator on when you put the ignition on...
  2. which 3 speeds, G60 CS? The fans and motors are the same as MKII Golf, it's just the resistor pack (and switch and wiring, obviously!) that's different to give the extra 4th speed...
  3. sorry, can't help there, I've only ever owned early interior Corrados, so I have no idea about the later heater controls other than how they electrically work.... Sorry.... Anyone else? :)
  4. if it's just position 1 that's not working, take the multi-plug off the blower motor and check for voltage on the wires in the multi-plug when the switch is at position 1.... If there isn't 12V on any of the wires then it's either a broken wire (unlikely) or a dodgy switch. If there is 12V, and it works on 2,3 and 4, then your fan motor's bearings/brushes are giving up and causing too much friction for the low voltage the motor receives from the resistor pack to overcome... time for a new fan and motor... If it doesn't work on 1,2 or 3, but 4 is fine, then the thermal fuse has gone. (which is internal to the fan on the plate that has the multi-plug connector on it) If any other combination of 1,2,3 or 4 won't work, then it's probably the switch (or possibly, but unlikely, dodgy wires) If any one setting (other than 1) doesn't work, but others do, then it's probably the switch (or, again, possibly dodgy wires) Think that just about covers all possible scenarios... :)
  5. yeah, I wrote off J-DUB, fought the insurance and won, bought it back, bought another G60 and swapped all the goodies into it... that's the one I've just sold on... In the meantime I had a B5 Passat estate TDI as my daily while the 'rado was off the road due to an engine problem that I never actually cured, and that caused me to start selling bits off...
  6. yeah, neither did I! :lol: I sold it in bits in the end over a period of time... I'd got married, bought a nice house and then we had a kid, so I ran out of time (and money!) to tinker with cars, so it had to go.... It was breaking my heart to see it start to rot away on my drive in bits... :( If I had the chance to go back and do it all again, there's very few things I'd change... it taught me a lot, gave me a lot of enjoyment, got me to meet a lot of interesting people and go to some interesting places, so deffo worth it all, and by selling it in bits, I didn't actually lose out that much financially! 8) If I can get the finances together, I'd love to get a nice, low mileage one (even if it's just a 1.8 16V) as a weekend toy, but that's probably a while off! I now drive what my missus refers to as my "little green tank..." :lol: 2002 Audi A6 Avant, with a 305bhp 4.2V8, quattro and LPG conversion! Audi reliability, superb handling, lots of GO! and enough room for everything including kitchen sinks! :lol:
  7. without checking for voltage/buzzing the switch with a multi-meter, you couldn't tell...
  8. 'ey up Furkz! I'm still here, but am now Corrado-less for the first time in over 10 years... :( May think about getting one to do up at some point in the future though... ;)
  9. yeah, you'll find that if you keep using it on the other lower speeds (ie, not 4), then it'll blow the thermal fuse at some point soon, as the motor will be pulling more current than normal due to the dodgy bearings causing the resistor pack to get hot and pop the thermal fuse.... Fix the motor now, or fix it AND the thermal fuse at some point soon... ;)
  10. critical_mass in that case, you've either got a broken wire/switch, a broken resistor pack, or a dodgy fan motor that has shafted bearings meaning that the lower voltage that speed 1 gives to the motor isn't enough for the motor to overcome the friction of its bearings... Take the resistor pack off the motor, reconnect it to the wiring and check for voltage on the two connections that go into the motor on each setting. If you have voltage on each setting of the switch (except off of course!!) then it's the motor bearings/brushes that are shafted, if you don't then check for voltage on the multi-plug, from there you can find your problem.... ;)
  11. 15" MOs are supposed to clear the 305mm brembo 4-pots... I've not tried it, so I can't tell you what off-sets that works with, but I have seen it done... :)
  12. if your fan works on any speed other than 4 (even only occasionally!) then it's not the thermal resistor that dragon mentions... Most likely to be either the switch itself, or possibly the wiring from the switch to the thermal pack on the fan motor... :)
  13. Henny


    Dammit... :eek: I just realised I've missed my 10 year anniversary of being a member of this site... :epicfail: Anyway.... I wanted to just say: Thank you to everyone who has helped me, encouraged me, sold bits to me, bought bits from me and generally entertained me on this forum for the last 10 years.... :notworthy: :dance: Here's to the next 10! :drinking: :lol: (...and maybe 'rado number 4 at some point in the future?! ;) )
  14. yup, for the £20ish quid and 30 minutes it'll take you to fit one, put a new ignition switch in... they're utter #@£$ and will cause all sorts of problems like you describe if it's on it's way out....
  15. Henny

    2.9 vs R32 MPG

    Which one? The 5 cylinder TTRS will fit in a Corrado with a slight notching of the drivers chassis leg... it's only a tiny bit longer than the VR6 engine, and has been done in the US... The 4.2 V8 out of my A6 will fit, but needs some fairly heavy mods to the firewall and tunnel to get a gearbox in, and then needs a custom rear axle to make it rear wheel drive... (Yes, I looked into both before I sold my Corrado!!! ;) )
  16. Henny

    2.9 vs R32 MPG

    interesting.... actually makes my A6's 19.5mpg average seem reasonable (and that's on Petrol, LPG sees a cost equivalent of about 35mpg!)... 8) If I get another Corrado at any point in the future, it's gonna have to have a TFSI engine in it... the 2.0 one in my missus' A3 cabrio is lovely and would fit in with the character of a 'rado beautifully... I'd bet the TTRS engine would be an absolute hoot in a lightweight car like a 'rado though! 8)
  17. I dropped the centre rest down with the extinguisher in it, and the hump's catch hit the release triggering the powder to release... :oops: I do worry that if someone had sat on it, that a similar outcome would have happened though, so afterwards I kept one under the glovebox. I only keep one in my cars to allow enough time to get everyone out should a fire happen... after that, I'll let the insurance deal with the burnt out shell!
  18. Jamie, nah, sorry mate, only got the one left, and that's to go with the gauges I've got for sale at the moment...
  19. just a quick tip, DON'T keep it under the rear arm rest... It may look like a good place, and sound like a good idea, but it's normally a tight fit, and ALWAYS very, very messy when it accidentally goes off! :oops: :lol: May have to go and get a couple of these actually, as I think the ones in our cars are probably out of date now.... :|
  20. you deffo need to have them sit a little low rather than a little high at the front edge, otherwise it does create quite a bit more wind noise... although with the somewhat non-standard G60 engine I had fitted to my Corrados, I couldn't hear the wind noise over the induction roar and the toothed pulley whine! :lol: :oops: Jamie? Glad I could offer some helpful advice... Wish someone had done the same for me when I first did it! :lol:
  21. he's wrong.... You can supposedly do that with an oil temp sender, but neither will then tell an accurate temperature, you really need an M10x1 threaded T-Piece and 2 senders (the senders are cheap from GSF, as they're used on MKI through MKIII GTIs, and M10x1 T-pieces are cheap from most auto factors) to do the the oil temp properly For oil pressure, you need a VDO gauge sender part number "360 006D". This is an M10x1 threaded 80PSI gauge sender, which also has a 7PSI warning switch built in... (I know this as I have the correct sender sat next to my keyboard as I type this! :lol: ) see here! 8) Dunno where's best to get them from these days, I bought mine a long while back, I think from DemonTweeks (who aren't showing them anymore), and got a good discount 'cos I bought 5 of 'em! (don't ask, it was a long time ago and I did silly things like that back then! :oops: ) With the help of Google, you'll probably find that importing one from the US will work out costing you just under £40 for a brand new one... :)
  22. looks like you've got a nice fit with it there, Jamie... :) Suits the red much better than I thought it might too... 8)
  23. Fantastic news... good luck with the venture Matt, hope it all works out well for you! 8)
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