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  1. at the back of the steering lock (the metal bit on your seat), there is a yellow/cream/whiteish coloured plastic bit... this is the actual electrical ignition switch. It's held into the metal part with a single small screw, and has metal spade style terminals sticking out of it which connect to a multi-plug which those wires hanging down used to connect to... The key barrel has a long "blade" that sticks down the shaft into the switch, which turns the switch when you turn the key. :) Somewhere in your car there should be a round (I think it's black) plastic connector which will need to be re-attached to the wiring to connect to the switch and put it back to its original state... :)
  2. Ooops, I forgot to get the steering lock off my shelf for you... :oops: I'll get it for you today and PM you about getting it to you... basically, it's the whole metal bit that you've got in your photo, with a new lock barrel and key that haven't ever been put together so it is really easy to fit... :) You'll need a switch though, although looking at that pic, you may well be able to use your existing switch as it appears to be intact... you'll just need to undo the small cross head screw that holds it in, and then get the wiring repaired... :) Should make for an easy repair on that bit anyway... 8)
  3. MKIII is supposed to be a direct fit, BUT it is a totally different profile along the panel so the fit is nowhere near as good as the Passat unit... ---------- Post added at 12:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:33 PM ---------- Jamie? Strip the mechanism down and give it a damned good clean and then a coat of white grease.... you'll probably find it's just full of crap, especially if it does tilt and drop OK... should only take a couple of hours to get it out, stripped and back in again... :)
  4. Tonytiger and Stonejag, apologies for the delay in getting you P&P prices... Had to get hold of some better boxes than the ones I was going to use! I'll get you P&P costs by end of play Monday and then send you paypal details... Fogs/indicators are now paid for and sold... 8)
  5. G60 CS? No contact = no sale... You've been on the forum since I posted the above post, yet you've not been in touch... you've lost the sale... Fog lamps and indicators will now be sold to Gareth192001 who was next to say they'd take them... 8) (PM Sent) joebloggsVR69 if this sale falls through for any reason, then you're next in line... :)
  6. G60 CS? Need to know if you're having the lights and gauges/centre console ASAP... There are people queueing now... If I don't hear back from you in the next 24 hours (that's 48 hours since you posted about wanting a price for both), then I'm gonna have to let them go to the next in line...
  7. I'd heard that before Kev, but have yet to see a B4 estate with a moon roof to take out! ;)
  8. Hi DavyDave... I'm also up in the Manchester area (work in Salford Quays)... When you get the car back, let us know what parts you need, it's possible I may have some of what you need... :) I'll dig out the steering lock this weekend and let you know.... I won't want much for it as it's worthless to me now I've finally sold my Corrado!
  9. Wompa? they come with the gauges and centre console... it's a single lot for sale at £140 + P&P... As stated, I don't want to split it as it just causes too much hassle and I'd probably end up being left with a gauge and no sender!!!
  10. Sorry, I have no idea how you'd swap the inner cover, the moonroof units I've fitted have always had the same colour cover as the standard Corrado headlining, so I've never had to take one off... They normally need a clean though, which is much easier to do without the head lining in place! The inner cover is completely different from the Corrado one though, as it has a handle so you can open it with the roof shut... it also has vents in it so you can have the inner shut with the roof tilted. :) I've attached 4 pics to this post which show the B4 moonroof fitted to my (Dox's!) Corrado which I took this morning with my phone camera... As you can see, the rear corners sit a little lower, and the middle of the longer edges sits a little proud of the roof, but only by a millimetre or so... From memory, this one doesn't have any washers to space it out, but on my previous (later model) G60, I had to use 1mm washers along the front edge to drop it down a little...
  11. I just remembered that I have a complete steering lock with new key which I'll sell you (for a very good price!) if you need it... it's boxed and has never been fitted, just sat on my shelf for god knows how long! Hope that there's not too much damage and you get it back soon... 8)
  12. yeah, headlining will come out via the boot... you don't need to removed the B pillar trims, in fact I actually found it easier to leave them in, as it gives you a resting place for the head lining whilst trying to get it out/in! :) Washers go between the top of the mechanism and the the roof skin's captive nuts. This allows you to drop the mechanism down a little, which lowers the front edge of the panel slightly for a better fit... The number/thickness of washers needed varied on every car I've done! Worth taking your time over before you put the interior back together though... Oh, and take the front seats out completely, makes it much, much easier... ;)
  13. I got it down to between 60 and 90 minutes from start to finish doing it on my own, so there's your target! ;) :lol: The advice I'd give is to take your time, and don't force any of the trim..... and be VERY VERY VERY careful with the head lining as it creases pretty easily... Oh, and have a few thin 6mm washers handy as you may find you need to pad the front of the mechanism down a little to get the best fit possible... ;)
  14. It's not too bad to be honest... obviously you can only do the big end shells, as the other bearings need much more stripping off to get at 'em requiring the engine to come out. I've done shells and rings on both a KR Valver and a PG G60 without removing the engine in the past with no issues... 8)
  15. the one that's fitted to the Corrado I'm in the process of selling to Dox has a broken arm on the passenger side. It doesn't stop it from working or make the panel catch when sliding, but it looks to have broken in the same way as the metal panels' mechanisms I've seen in the past. I think that some of the bits are slightly uprated due to having to slide the inner panel separately, but I'm not 100% on that. That said, it's the only one I've known to be broken, (it was broken when I got it :( ) and I've done about 7 or 8 conversions over the last 10 years! The other good thing with the moon-roofs is that I think that they don't tend to be fully opened as often as a metal panel 'cos you can just slide the inner cover back to get the light into the car without all the wind noise! On both of my Corrados where I fitted a moonroof, I tended to only ever use them on tilt or with it closed and the inner panel open 'cos otherwise it was just noisy! I know a couple of the people I did conversions with/for found they used it in the same way as I did, and I think most B4 Passat owners were of the same thought! ;) :lol: The corners being a bit lower isn't that obvious at all.... you're talking around a millimetre or two in the back corners over the last 2 or 3 centimetres before the corners on the back edge... If you were a perfectionist, it'd probably do your nut, but for the gain of having a glass roof, it's easily worth it! :) I'll see if I can grab a picture of mine/Dox's tomorrow morning before work...
  16. c'mon guys and girls, these wheels and brakes need new homes! :)
  17. Stonejag has first dibs on the strut brace. I'm not sure on the make... I'll have another good look at it tonight to see if it's got anything stamped on it anywhere... I'll get postage costs tomorrow morning while I'm getting costs for Tonytiger's scuttle cover.... jimbob88, I'll put you down as reserve if Stonejag drops out. VAG-hag? too late; you're third in line... Gareth192001? Erm, to quote my advert: "There are no stone chips, cracks, or marks on the faces, and the surrounds and mounting points are also perfect." Yes, they are as new, 100% perfect, although a little dusty! andyhudson? What set cover? The scuttle cover is sold to Tonytiger... G60CS, if you want the fogs & indicators and the VDOs and centre console, I'll do a deal for both at £280 including P&P (insured) If that's acceptable, let me know and I'll PM you my paypal address... :)
  18. this one is slightly different dragon green... I cut down the top of the panel this time so I didn't need to modify the cubby hole at all... It looks very similar, just that the gauges sit a little higher up towards the heater controls... Thanks for the pic, and the recommendation though! Glad you're happy with that one... :)
  19. the B4 moonroof sits a little low in the corners when viewed from the outside. They can also act as a condensation trap if the car is stood outside for a while. If neither of those points bother you too much, then I'd go for the moon-roof... ;) I've had one on both of my last Corrados and love 'em to bits! They brighten up the interior like nothing else can and make it a much nicer place to be... Be aware though, the actual mechanism is basically the same and subject to break in the same places!
  20. got your PM Tony, and replied... :) Sold to you... :)
  21. should do Tonytiger, the blurb that came in with it (3rd picture) says it'll fit any RHD Corrado anyway! :) Do you want it posting, or are you picking up? Cheers! :)
  22. Right, seeing as my Corrado is going pretty imminently, I've just found a few bits in my parts stash that I could do with getting rid of... :) 1) SWG Corrado Scuttle cover (1 piece). Sold. I bought this years ago and have never fitted it (I don't think it's ever been out of it's plastic wrapper!). These currently appear to retail at £84.23 on the SWG website, so I'll let it go at £40 + P&P 2) Late spec front indicators and fog lamps (pair). £150 inc P&P. SOLD to Gareth192001 These are as near as damn it as new... I think they were only fitted to my blue Corrado (J-DUB) for a matter of a couple of months before I swapped the bumper back to the original one, and then wrote the car off! Since then, they've been sat in a box... :( There are no stone chips, cracks, or marks on the faces, and the surrounds and mounting points are also perfect. They even include the captive screw holders and screws(these are slightly rusty!) that attach to the bumper so you can fit these to an early bumper if you are so inclined... 3) Front upper Strut Brace (polished) £30 + P&P SOLD to Stonejag This is a VR6/G60 spec'd strut brace (ie, it's not a straight one), which has an adjuster in it to properly tension up the front end of the car. It's never been fitted. 4) VDO Gauges and customised early dash center with angled 3 gauge pod where the ashtray was, and an alarm LED (12V 5mm pinky/purple LED fitted) in the top right corner above the vent control. VDO Oil pressure (Bar) VDO Oil Temperature (degrees C) VDO Volt meter (Volts) VDO Boost/Vac (Bar) These come with a brand new VDO oil pressure sender (with built in switch, so you can just remove the existing switch, add this sender and connect the existing wire to the switch part, and the gauge to the other part!), a T-Piece with 2 oil temp senders already in it, 2 lengths of wire to connect the senders to the gauges, and a small wiring loom for the three gauges in the pod which just need to be connected to power, earth, dash lighting and the senders for these to work. The boost gauge comes with a length of vacuum hose attached which I'd advise T-Piece-ing in (t-piece not included!) to the back of the clocks if using in a G60, but it is missing the light from the back. If I find it, I'll include it with the gauge, but for the sake of accuracy take it that it hasn't got the light on the back. It'd be easy to put a light in (or even an LED if you so wished!) though... The dash center isn't the best modification I've ever done, but once it's fitted it's very passable and looks good. The standard fan/heater control panel still fits in above with no modifications required. As far as I can see, all the mounting points are intact on it as well, which is nice... :) I'd like to sell these gauges and pod as a job lot, and am after £140 + P&P for the lot... If it doesn't go in one go over the next couple of weeks, I'll split it up, so please DO NOT ASK ME TO SPLIT THIS YET! As always, items can be picked up by arrangement from either Salford Quays (Manchester), or Congleton (Cheshire), or I'll get quotes for P&P as requested... :)
  23. what's the centre bore size of your BBS wheels? I may have a pair of 10mm spacers that I had made to fit my Borbet Cs, but they were designed to remove the need for using spiggot rings as well... The centre bore of the spacer is perfect for VW, but it's the bit that fits into the wheel that may not fit...
  24. cool... 8) Was great to meet you too... 8) Shell sold to Dox... :) (suppose that means I'll have pull my finger out and get the wheels and brakes off it now! :lol: ) Hope you enjoy it as much as I have, your plans sound like you should! ;)
  25. I'd met Chris at various shows over the years, and had a few interesting debates and conversations with him, both online here and at the shows... They were always in good spirit and with an air of humour to them. He had a knowledge that he didn't mind sharing and an understanding of how these cars worked that made that knowledge even more useful! :) The world could do with more like Chris was; a true gent who genuinely seemed to enjoy helping people. Sad, sad news... My deepest sympathies and condolences to his family. :(
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