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  1. Bump for alloys, Brembos and shell... c'mon, these are seriously cheap, I just need rid as I need the space!!!
  2. Pics of the spare alloy... Think it may actually be ET40 the same as the other wheels looking at the back of it! :) I have a spacer the same as the other wheels for this too to make it ET29, so they'll all fit a Corrado as per factory wheels... 8)
  3. Leather sold and gone... Thanks DriverVR6... :)
  4. Leather provisionally sold to DriverVR6.... :)
  5. Right, so, here's some pictures... bit later than I thought they'd be, but we can blame the weather for that! The 4 wheels are all pretty much mint, except for one, which has a slight curb scuff (shown in it's own picture). I haven't taken any of the spare wheel yet, but I aim to do that tonight, now that I've found it again and can get at it! :D Yes, the Brembo front disks have surface corrosion on them, they've been stood for 5 years! If it turns out they need it, I'll get them skimmed by a mate at a local engineering firm before a new owner takes them so that they're ready to bolt on and go, and that won't affect the price. The leather has now been removed from the car. These pictures show it as it came out, so a bit messy and dusty, given that it's been sat unused for over 5 years! I'm being as honest as possible with all of these items, so you know what you're buying! I'll give them a quick once over tonight and post some more pictures to show how well they come up after a quick clean... :) The indentations you can see on the seats are where things have been sat on the seats while it's been stood. There is no damage to the leather, and these should pop back out over time. The only things wrong with the seats and door cards are: 1) they need a bloody good clean. 2) The plastic handle on the passenger seat for the height adjust has snapped off, but the mechanism still works fine. There is actually a second screwhole in the handle, so you may just be able to use that one instead, I don't know as I haven't tried fitting it that way yet... 3) The plastic outer cover on the drivers seat's seatbelt catch has come off. If I can find it, I'll put it with the interior when it sells... It'll be in the car somewhere, I'll just have to find it! There is also a spare lower right bolster foam with the interior... I bought it for a cloth interior I had and never used it (genuine VAG!), and it's no use to me, so it may as well go with the interior. It doesn't need it, but meh, count it as a freebee! ;) :lol: If anyone wants any specific pictures of this lot, post up and I'll see what I can do... 8)
  6. yup, no worries... I'll be checking in on here daily as I'm on holiday this week... :)
  7. Hi Dox, I've not had any messages or calls on my mobile today... turns out my f###ing windows phone had crashed so had been sending calls straight to voicemail. Sorry about that. It's been rebooted now so should work again. I've sent you a PM with my home number on it, please accept my apologies.
  8. Just so people know, There's several people interested in the shell and the brakes, whoever gives me a definite yes and pays first will get them... DriverVR6 still has first refusal on the leather...
  9. ok i que... I'll keep you in the loop... :) Photos will be posted once I've taken some, which will be once the car isn't under a couple of inches of snow! I'll be trying to sort out a cheapo set of wheels for her this week, so will update if/when I manage to get a set to transport her on... :)
  10. the buyer will probably need a trailer to move the car, or at least an A-Frame, as the drive shafts will stop it from simply being towed. I'm trying to arrange for a cheap set of wheels that'll fit onto the car, but this may put the cost of the shell up slightly. If a buyer can supply their own wheels, then this would help greatly... :)
  11. Hi i que, The body shell is in very good condition. The only rust on her is on the front passenger wing, along the top of the widscreen and on the tailgate (where the passenger side gas strut attaches, it's rusted and bubbled through the outer skin.) Looking to shift the car ASAP... need a couple of day notice so that I can get the other stuff off it, but other than that, the sooner the better... :)
  12. Ok Onestep, get him to get in touch and he's welcome to buy them... 8)
  13. DriverVR6 has first refusal on the leather pending his approval of my photos... :) Photos of all items will be posted up soon... weather was crap this morning and I had slight childcare issues meaning I didn't have time to take any pics... I won't email pictures, but feel free to ask for additional pics (once I've posted some!) and I'll post them in this thread so that I'm not wasting time emailing the same thing to lots of people!
  14. They're priced to sell, not to rip people off, Baz! :) I need shot of them soon, as I need the space, but I'm not going to give them away.... 8)
  15. The LED spoiler is attached to the shell. Buy the shell, get the custom LED spoiler free! Borbets are 7.5x16 ET40 4x100 (except the spare which is ET35) They're casting type C75635. Brembos are still on the car, so would be difficult to weigh at the moment! I'd guess at around the £55 mark for posting (inc. insurance) having posted heavy stuff before...
  16. Right, seeing as what remains of my Corrado isn't selling in one piece, I'm gonna have to split it as I need it shifting ASAP... :( Note: This is not in the cars for breaking section, as I'm not breaking the car. This is 4 separate items that are for sale. Please do not ask me to split any of these, as I won't, so you'll be wasting your time asking... :D I'll add some pictures later (once I've taken some tomorrow morning!), but here's the 4 parts... 1) Complete full set of early black leather seats with door cards (with custom speaker pods on the front) SOLD WILL NOT POST! Collection only from either Congleton, Cheshire or Salford Quays, Manchester It's in good condition with no rips or tears, could do with a good feed and clean, but is still in good condition. I think it's missing the handle for the height adjust on the passenger side, but that's about it as far as I know for damage. Speaker-pods come with MB Quart speakers and tweeters with cross-overs. 2) Complete Brembo 4pot 305mm front brake conversion. £400 (+P&P) SOLD P&P likely to be expensive due to weight, but I'll post it if needed at buyers cost - Collection from Congleton, Cheshire or Salford Quays, Manchester This is a used setup so will have a few marks on the calipers, but only used for a total of about 4,000 miles! Complete setup including 4pot calipers, carriers, bolts and Goodridge hoses. Bolts straight onto any 4 stud Corrado and makes the brakes amazing in comparison to standard! Disks have surface rust, but will clean up with no issues... 3) 16" Borbet C wheels with 205,45,16 Goodyear GSD3 tyres - £350 (+P&P) This is a set of 4 wheels with tyres which I had refurbed and one spare wheel without a tyre which needs a refurb. These are all the same casting, and are the flatter spoke design, rather than the dished ET30 casting... The 4 wheels are ET40, the spare is ET35, I have 11mm hub-centric spacers which I had custom made to space these out to be ET29 so that they clear the Brembo brakes. Will supply wheel bolts to suit with the wheels and spacers I have a 5th spare spacer which can easily be machined down by 5mm to allow the spare to fit the same should it be required. The wheels (with tyres) are all in very good condition, with only one having a slight curbing scrape to the lip (not the spoke faces) and black center caps. The spare NEEDS a refurb, but is straight and not buckled (and has a BMW center cap!) 4) 1991 Corrado G60 rolling shell. SOLD to DOX Complete car, minus the bits above, and no engine, gearbox or exhaust. I could weigh it in for almost this much, but I know it's far too good for that... WILL NOT BREAK - DO NOT ASK!!! For £200, just buy the whole thing if you want bits off it!!) BAD BITS: Rust on tailgate (rusted through from where the gas strut attaches inside, but otherwise OK. May be able to be repaired, but not sure if it'd be worth it?) Slight rust on passenger wing lower section by door. Slight rust across top of windscreen (caused by paint damage done by windscreen fitter by the look of things :( ) Paintwork has reacted with something so has lots of small blisters in it, so would need repainting Moonroof has a broken arm/slider, but still works OK GOOD BITS: New VAG fuel pump and sender, never used properly! Fitted to try and cure the problem that I took the car off the road for, but didn't cure it. Car hasn't been on the road since, so this is still as new! New brake compensator and rear brake lines Lots of spares in the boot (mainly G60 engine brackets, and parts from the engine, but there's a load of switches and other stuff as I won't need any Corrado spare anymore, and need the space ASAP!!) MKIV rear brakes with Goodridge hoses (I'll cap off the front brake pipes when I remove the Brembos, so bolting on new brakes will be a doddle!) This is a good, solid shell... With a little TLC and a respray, it could be a good car again...
  17. 'kinell... didn't expect it to shift that quick! 8) Wesley? You have PM.
  18. As per title, I'm selling my Momo Race steering wheel and Momo boss suitable for use on a Corrado or late MKII Golf. They've hardly been used and so are in excellent condition. I'm after £50 including P&P for them, or £40 collected from either Salford Quays or Congleton.
  19. Second everything Baz says here! Looks lovely, and doing a heater matrix now will save potential headaches in the future... ;)
  20. Well, it looks like I've managed to mis-time this so that there isn't going to be any more good weekends for the rest of the year! Still not had chance to wash her and get some good pics... :( There's a hell of a lot of parts here for the money, and it really shouldn't be a big job to drop in an engine and start using it again. It's even got a brand new fuel pump and gauge sender fitted which has never been used while driving on the road! There's a polished stainless front strut brace that's never been fitted, and one of the one piece scuttle covers (made by swg, I think?) that's still in it's bag! The more I think about it, the more parts I remember that are in it!
  21. Right, thought I'd run a quick update onto here... I was about to wash her, but the rain stopped that, but I took a few pics of her first so that I could show what she looked like before a wash.... This is as she stands at the moment... the white stuff down the drivers side is cobwebs, the paint is still in very good condition, but she's got developed 2 rust spots... One across the top of the windscreen, and one on the passenger side of the tailgate. Both look to be fairly minor. :)
  22. Okay... I'll get some recent pics this weekend if the weather is OK... She really is still in good condition as far as I can tell though... :)
  23. Now up for sale at a reduced price of £1100... C'mon peeps, someone'll get a whole hell of a lot for not a lot of cash here! FOR SALE ADVERT
  24. I have a nasty feeling that German Ebay may be the death of me... :lol: There's some interesting things out there for this shape car, and there's only a couple of options this car didn't have from the factory that'd be pretty easy to add on... MUST RESIST!!! In other news, the factory CD changer and Sat-Nav now all work properly as they should (CD changer had been thumped by something and needed some care, and the sat nav needed some cleaning!) and sound awesome through the factory fit BOSE amp, speakers and sub... 8) What's better is that I can now hear it over the fixed exhaust! :lol:
  25. Well, I just got her back from JP Exhausts in Macclesfield, and, again, I'm impressed with their work... 8) He's cut the old flexies off, welded on a new flange to each down pipe, taken both cats off and checked them over, then welded on new flexies with flanges on to match the new ones on the downpipes and then put it all back together with new joints onto the rest of the system... To say it's fixed it is somewhat of an understatement! The difference is night and day. She now purrs when running with a slight rumble when you give it some, and best of all, it's sorted out the fuel consumption back to something a bit more reasonable from the 13mpg I'd averaged while driving it around town for the last week or so with the blowing exhaust! Should now work out somewhere around the same running cost as a petrol car doing 40ish MPG while on LPG... 8) Oh, and it's also sorted out the slight mis-fire she had (due to the leaks being before the lambda sensors!) and given me her full performance back! :cuckoo: I'm happy now... just need to sort out a few other minor niggles and then get the stone chips and parking dents touched up, and she'll look, sound and go like the £50,000+ car that she was when new! 8)
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