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  1. smee

    Audioscape pods

    I do, and I'm in Chester. Presume you're after late doorcard versions in black if it's for a blue storm?
  2. smee

    Wanted: VR6 radiator

    Sounds ideal, give me a yell when it's available...
  3. smee

    Wanted: VR6 radiator

    Anyone got a radiator for a VR6? Condition doesn't have to be great so long as it doesn't p*ss coolant all over the road like mine does...
  4. smee

    Corrado Parts

    Hi, I'll definitely take the front wiper mechanism please!
  5. smee

    Corrado Parts

    Hi, is the wiper mechanism the front one?
  6. Same here. There's one on both sides of the car, they're used by the electric window relays (drivers side) and heated seat relays (pass side if you have them). No problem getting a 0 gauge cable through to them either.
  7. +1 for the 3 spoke BBS wheel.
  8. Not sure, but mk3 polo will, and probably B3 passat too.
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