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  1. Find some G60 calliper carriers discs and pads and you go to 280mm which makes a big difference on 16v's
  2. I've got an early rear (not sure there is a difference) and late front bumper (they are different) you can have. The rear is in good nick, front has a fair amount of scratches and marks but isnt cracked, both would be fine for respraying. if you're interested they would have to be collected though...
  3. I'll have a look, can't remember if i still have it or not.
  4. that's Odsal top / Wibsey way IRRC... we're the other side over in Baildon and Shipley :)
  5. He's bringing the SL this weekend :( going to be difficult bring big stuff back up to Bradford now.... ---------- Post added at 11:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:33 AM ---------- Hi Chris I'll send you a pm with the address, they should be in Bradford by Sunday afternoon onwards.
  6. Sorry it's rhd and have it reserved to lilfuzzer now, no us stuff left either
  7. sorrry its 4x100 for 16V and G60 not VR6
  8. Tailgate and door cards are yours :)
  9. Please see first post for the Free Corrado parts..... :(
  10. FREE Parts. Come and Collect them!
  11. Cheeky bump! before it all hits the bay.. :(
  12. All the parts that I have left on the Breaking thread, will at the end of this week be going on Ebay. Unless anyone wants to make me an offer for it all.. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?76004-This-lot-is-going-on-Ebay-very-soon Feel free to make me a sensible offer on the job lot.
  13. This lot really needs to go now, will take offers for the job lot? Or its all going on Fleabay at the end of the week
  14. I dont have grey i'm afraid, but i do have black mech window cards with matching rear qtr's if you cant find a grey one... :)
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