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  1. Thought I'd give you guys an update. Not been on here for a while. Old Head unit New bad boy DVD player Had a little problem last week. Came out the gym, less than a mile down the road & hit bump while entering a mini round about. That followed loud tyre screeching due to the arch on the tyre. At the time I thought the suspension at the front on the passenger side had adjusted it's self right down. Had to get the RAC out with a lorry to take me home. It only took me 3 hours to travel 6 miles home. The lucky thing about it all, I was 500yrds from the due carriageway which I'd of been doing over a ton down usually. If It had happened then, I might not be here writing this today!! After inspection, I have found it to be 2 of the 3 bolts that hold the bottom ball joint in were missing. I have them replaced a few months back. The guy who did it for me will be getting a visit from me. Glad it was sorted quickly and didn't cost much. Even glader it didn't happen at speed. Now with new Smoked Crystal Rear Lights With Happich Pop-Outs STD rear windows It's getting there!! More things to come!!! BTW, anyone seen my old G60 Raddo in the Swindon area?
  2. I'd never had brand new wheels before, so I had to have them. I want it in a position to get on some stands & shows, and maybe even win a show & shine, so it has to be done to ahigh standard.
  3. Thanks for the comments lads! Not yet, I am still waiting for my snap off boss from Eurotek. There's been a problem with the manufacture apparently. Been on order for bloody ages. I paid 1k inc 205/40/17 Toyo's from Eurotek.
  4. Not been on here for a while, so about time I updated the progress with the Golf!! Been busy!! Since the last tme I was on here some ho mo has reversed into it and driven off, leaving me to come back to a bumper hanging off, dented wing, smashed grill etc. Just glad it happened before the respray! Whole new interior/steering wheel! More goodies Nice & wide! 8.5" Toyo's Old & New A little close Before the 10mm Spacers Really chuffed with the wheels now. Wasn't sure I'd like them. Next is the intercooler to change. Current Intercooler. Sprinter to go on soon. Awating a date for it to go into the body shop now!
  5. Problem sorted. It was just the yellow wire needed earthing. Thanks for your help Flushed. Dan
  6. going to earth the yellow on its own and see what happens. I don't want to start chopping in to other wires and creating more problems.
  7. I dont seem to have a blue black wire? But 2 blues & a blue/white?
  8. Found this guide, anyone help? Dash plugs (I think, after much head scratching!!): T7 - white plug, short side T7a - black plug, long side T7b - white plug, long side T7c - black plug, short side A 1 - gry/blu- light switch pin 58b (dash light dimmer) 2 - grn - wiper stalk pin 53 3 - blu/yel- dash plug pin T7b/7 (upshift control light) 4 - blu/blk- dash plug pin T7c/4 (oil pressure control unit, 0.3 bar feed) 5 - grn/yel- wiper stalk pin 53b 6 - grn/blk- wiper stalk pin 53e 7 - blk/grn- hazard switch pin R & indicator switch pin R 8 - blk - ignition switch pin 15 9 - wht/blk- light switch pin 56 10- blk/grn/wht- hazard switch pin 49a & indicator switch pin 49a 11- blue/brn- spare plug behind fusebox? (indicator relay pin 2) 12- brn/blk- wiper stalk pin J 13- blk/blu- hazard switch pin 15 14- grn/wht- wiper stalk pin L 15- grn - fusebox pin B/1 16- blu - dash plug pin T7a/5 (alternator warning light) 17- blu/red- dash plug pin T7/7 (indicator warning light) 18- wht - hazard switch pin 49 19- grn/red- wiper stalk pin T 20- blk/wht- hazard switch pin L & indicator switch pin L 21- yel - indicator stalk pin 56b (headlight flasher/main beam switch) 22- blk/yel- rear window heater switch pin + and heated seat switches pin 15 23- blk/red- glovebox light and fresh air blower switch pin + or A/C switch pin + 24- gry/grn- light switch pin 58 (dash light dimmer) 25- blk/yel- fusebox pin L/1 28- blu/wht- dash plug pin T7/1 (high beam warning light) B 1 - grn - fusebox pin A/15 and dual circuit & handbrake warning light 2 - grn/wht- fog light switch pin 83b (fuse #17) 3 - vio/blk- dash plug pin T7/5 (fuel gauge) 7 - yel/red- dash plug pin T7b/6 (coolant temp gauge) 8 - red/blk- ignition switch pin 50 9 - blk/gry- wiper stalk pin 53a 10- blk/yel- light switch pin X 11- gry/red- cig lighter \- red - radio power plug pin 7 12- red - digital clock/MFA 13- red/yel- indicator stalk pin 30 (headlight flasher/main beam switch) 15- yel - dash plug pin T7a/4 (oil pressure control unit, 1.8 bar feed) 16- wht/yel- fog light switch pin 83a 18- blk/grn- upshift/fuel consumpton indicator solonoid shut-off 19- red/blk- dash plug pin T7b/4 (rev counter) 20- grn/yel- fog light switch pin 83 21- wht/grn- rear window heater switch pin 86 22- wht - indicator stalk pin 56a (headlight flasher/main beam switch) 23- red - light switch pin 30 25- brn/blk- fusebox pin L/2 26- gry/red- light switch pin 58R 27- gry/blk- light switch pin 58L 28- red/wht- hazard switch pin 30 C 1 - red/blk- brake light switch 2 - blu - alternator pin D+ 3 - red/yel- brake light switch 4 - grn/blk- left parking light bulb 5 - yel/wht- left headlight bulb pin 58b 6 - yel - right headlight bulb pin 58b 7 - red - radiator fan thermal switch & radiator fan after-run relay pin 30 8 - blk/grn- right front indicator & repeater 9 - grn/red- windscreen washer pump pin + 12- blu/brn- brake fluid level warning switch 13- blk/yel- dual tone horns 14- grn/red- right parking light bulb 15- brn/blk- dual tone horns 16- wht - right headlight bulb pin 58a 17- wht/blk- left headlight bulb pin 58a 18- red/blk- thermo switch for cold start valve (K-Jet f/inj) or digifant ECU pin 1 19- blk/wht- left front indicator & repeater 20- blk - radiator fan run-on control unit pin 2/15 22- wht/yel- foglights D 1 - blu/blk- oil pressure switch (0.3 bar) 2 - blk - thermal switch for inlet manifold heater (carb models) or fusebox pin R/1 (digifant f/inj) or idle & WOT switches \- blk/wht- idle overrun cut-off valve (carb models) \- blk - knock sensor control unit pin 5 3 - wht/grn- fuel gauge sender or transmission switch/upshift indicator 7 - blk/yel- low coolant level switch unit pin 6/15, idle boost control unit pin 2/15 (K-Jet f/inj) 8 - wht/red- vacuum switch/upshift indicator 9 - grn/yel- windscreen wiper motor pin 53b 12- grn - windscreen wiper motor pin 53 13- vio/blk- thermal switch for carb heater, inlet manifold heater, auto choke & bypass cut-off valve (carb models) \- red/yel- electronic ignition control unit pin 10 (16v) or digifant ECU pin 3 (digifant f/inj) \- red/yel- knock sensor control unit pin 10 (16v) 15- wht/vio- resistance wire -> ignition coil pin 15 16- blk/red- reverse light switch (M/T) or starter/inhibitor & reverse light switch pin 15 (A/T) 17- grn/blk- windscreen wiper motor pin 53e 19- blu/blk- reverse light switch or starter/inhibitor & reverse light switch pin R & diode (A/T) 20- blk/gry- windscreen wiper motor pin 53a 21- yel - oil pressure switch (1.8 bar) 22- br - windscreen wiper motor pin 31, and spare connector behind fusebox or to earth 'claw' near fusebox 23- blk - ignition coil pin 15 24- red/blk- starter pin 50 (M/T) or starter/inhibitor & reverse light switch pin 50 (A/T) 26- red/blk- ignition coil pin 1 & idle control unit pin 1 (K-Jet f/inj), overrun cut-off valve (K-Jet f/inj) 29- yel/red- coolant temp sender \- yel/blk- low coolant level switch unit pin B/G E 1 - gry/grn- number plate lights 2 - grn/blk- rear wiper motor pin 53 3 - red - interior light & boot light 5 - vio/blk- fuel pump or fuel gauge sender pin G 6 - blk/wht- left rear indicator 7 - grn/red- windscreen washer pump pin 31 (rear pump on earlier models) \- brn/blu- windscreen washer pump 8 - blk/gry- rear wiper motor pin 53a 9 - grn/blk- left rear light 10- grn/wht- rear foglight 11- blk/grn- rear right indicator 12- blk - reverse lights pin RF 13- grn - handbrake warning switch 14- red/wht- warm up regulator, aux air regulator & control pressure regulator (K-Jet f/inj) \- red/yel- main & transfer fuel pumps 15- wht-wht/grn- rear window heater and heated mirror glass 16- blk/red- brake lights pin 54 18- grn/red- rear light bulb G 1 - blk/yel- Electric mirror adjustment switch pin 5 & electric window relay pin 6/86 2 - blk - heated washer jets, spare plug behind fusebox & idle stabilser valve pin 2/15 3 - blk/yel- heated seat control units pin 17/15 9 - gry/grn- headlight washer relay pin 5/56 10- grn/red- headlight washer relay pin 4/5 H 1 - red/wht- radiator fan thermoswitch & A/C refrig. high pressure switch 2 - red/blk- A/C switch 3 - red - Battery +ve 4 - grn/yel- A/C thermostat 5 - yel/red- fresh air fan switch pin 4 6 - blk - fresh air fan K 5 - brn/red- ignition switch pin S or SU (difficult to make out!) L 1 - blk/yel- fusebox pin A/25 2 - brn/blk- fusebox pin B/25 3 - brn - earth location 16 or 81 4 - brn/blu- horn switch M N - red/wht- inlet manifold heater \- red/blk- f/injection relay pin 86 (K-Jet f/inj) P - red - battery +, ignition switch pin 30, electric window relay pin 87, headlight washer relay pin B/30 & f/injection relay pin 30 (K-Jet f/inj) R 1 - blk - fusebox pin D/2 (digifant f/inj) 2 - blk/yel- digifant ECU pin 14 & fuel injectors (digifant f/inj) Thanks
  9. Do you happen to know the colour of the wire that will need earthing?
  10. Just replaced my 8V clocks with some 16v clocks. Problem is, as soon as I pull away, my oil warning light comes on & starts to scream!! Stays on till the ignition is turned off. The car is a 20vt, so I'm guessing the oil warning light wouldn't have been connected with old clocks!! ? Why does it keep coming on?? I'm sure I've seen 160mph clocks in over 20vt's before though?? I don't care if the oil buzzer isn't conected? I'll buy an seperate gauge! I just want it to turn off. It's not the level oil, it's sitting just under the max HELP!!!! Thought I'd put it up here too, one of you guys might know something? Cheers Dan
  11. It couldn't have been me! It was sat in my garage for 6 months! LOL! It was a shame it wasn't the other side, the drivers side door had the only dent in the car (parking dent) Still maybe phil can get the bumper and the bonnet painted at the same time, and it'll be mint then. Golfs coming along quiet nicely. It'll be resprayed before the end of March. Goodies turning up all the time. New wheels will be here this week. Very excited!!
  12. Sold my G60 no less than 2 weeks ago, and someone has crashed into it. The new owner, Phil (comes on here, not sure of his user name) emailed me today. Someones pulled in to the passenger side of it, hit it from the front bumper to the rear :( It was the other guys fault, a muppet by the sounds of things. Guess Phil won't be making it down to the next no rice!! Good luck getting it sorted if you still come on here! Dan
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