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  1. Ha yeah I know I like to keep an eye on what is happening on the forums!! Go through phases of which ones I look on. Don't know about the G60 yet need to see what I am going to do with buying a house. If I buy a house will get a raddo if not will do a few more mods to the A4. All depends on what my mate decides he wants to do as I cant afford to buy a flat on my own. Will need to come and see yours and your mates though to see what they are like.
  2. Pretty good going after 7 months. My mates brother had a Cav V6 and it sat around for about a year and when we started it it was tappety as hell. Anymore trips to the ring planned? No dirty jokes please!
  3. Yeah may take you up on that offer!! I can never make the meets now as they are on tuesday night and I work. I dunno if I will get a corrado or not just may be buying a flat with a mate so would want a cheaper car. But my mate is changing his mind I think about living in town. Fool that he is!! Ha!
  4. Just been looking at some for sale and most are 100k+ which I am sure is still alright but how much over 100k would you say is safe for both G60's and VR6's?
  5. Cool thanks for the info mate. Guess not that many people have done this mod?
  6. Looks great, love that colour to. Not too keen on the wheels tbh but other than that sweet car. Great buy.
  7. Hi guys what size are the standard ARB's on the G60? Have many of you uprated them? If so to what size and make ones? Cheers.
  8. So the best mods engine wise are. Remap, 68mm pulley, stage 4 charger, oil cooler, manifold/decat/stainless system, fmic. Anything else i have missed? How much would these bits and bobs cost?
  9. They sound mega with an induction kit fitted!!
  10. Yeah that would be superb mate!! You have done a few mods to so would be nice to see those to. I am pretty busy till Feb as I have exams at uni coming up soon and a friend back on leave from Afghanistan staying with me. That ok with you?
  11. Oh bugger. I would be worrying about that now as my old pug 309 GTI's sunroof leaked.
  12. Ok cool. Cheers for the info. Has anyones sunroof ever leaked.
  13. Do some have sunroofs and some not? Some have central locking and some have remote central locking? What about aircon any come with that? Also what about electric windows they all come with those? Thats all I can think of at the moment if anyone has any others put them down please. Cheers. EDIT - Thought of another electric mirrors.
  14. Yeah would quite like to have a better look at one to see what its like. Will be so different from my A4. I dont mind that though as will probably be more fun. Anyone in the Edinburgh area with a G60?
  15. Yeah I am thinking of buying a more expensive house and parking may be a nightmare so was thinking of selling my A4 and buying a Corrado as have always wanted one and will be cheaper. Thanks very much though guys for the info and if anyone else has anymore then keep it coming!
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