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  1. Great post just looked at mine and exactly the same, saved me a lot of time thanks
  2. VW Corrado VR6 Green I am selling my beautiful green Corrado VR6. I have owned this car for 10 years, before this it belonged to my brother for 4 years. It is a beautiful car, Totally original, It has been professionally stripped down (glass out) and resprayed in the original colour last year and has only been driven occationaly since. It is in excellent condition, Body work is mint, as new! Everything works interior is in very good condition, I have bit by bit replaced many parts to restore it, renewing all bolts and clips as i went, even the small things like a gear knob has been replaced. In addition it has had any mechanical work it has needed to be kept in excellent condition, a engine rebuild at around 145000, brakes, bushes, heater matrix, etc etc, etc. it runs extremely well. It has now just covered 169.000 miles but drives beautifully. It is registered as a cat C due to being clipped on the rear wing in 2012. It was a very small dent on the rear off side wheel arch but insurance companies being what they are declared it uneconomical to repair. I have all photos and reports of this minor incident. I have all receipts and photographs of work done before and after respray and a full service history. I am selling due to having two cars and not having the time to be able to use it any more, I hope to find a enthusiast to enjoy this beautiful example of a Corrado VR6. Please contact me if you have any questions at all, i will be happy to answer them. Serious buyers only please Thanks Nick List Date: 3/29/2015 Location: London, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: VW Corrado VR6 Green -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?3,100.62 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: VW Corrado VR6 Green Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  3. In need the drivers side window scraper and if possable the passenger side as well ?
  4. I have a drivers side wing in green, no sure exact Color code. Good condition no dents or rush prob would suit a re spray but if colour matches could bolt straight on £50 Thanks nick
  5. i have removed my sunroof panel and am now putting it back in. i have fitted the panel but i can get the lining to fit so it moves up and down with the roof it gets caught in the wrong places, what is the procedure for pushing it back into place so it lines up correctly with the little peg thing on the assembly? thanks
  6. i need both sides door scrapper seals for a vr6 new ideally or good condition
  7. Does any one have a 92-93 drivers side rear brake caliper carrier in good condition. Or any one who does good replacement parts,
  8. It it, he has, thank for that Nick
  9. Can anyone scan me a copy of the Bentley manual for pretensioning the rear bushes, I have page 42.2 42.3 but not the bit about how to do this I'm tackling it tomorrow so much appreciated Thanks
  10. I'm replacing my brake lines tomorrow and have ordered the brake lines made up to the correct length with the correct unions. My question is I know the brake system is split diagonally across the car and I assume that the reason one of the unions for the rear brake lines is a 12mm not 10mm so you don't mix up the sides, however looking at the lines on my car as it goes from the abs pump to the rear down by the bulkhead the lines cross, this seems od to me is it supposed to or has some one changed it round for some reason on mine? Photo attached
  11. Great thanks I will try again
  12. I have seen this but my clip does not seem to want to move, is it just a case of a force full push away from the cover?
  13. Could someone please tell me how to remove the foliage cover in the scuttle area. Had a look and cannot see how to remove the clip without breaking something, I'm sure there is a easy trick and i need to replace the seal??? I can't see how the clip comes out and don't wish to break it Thanks
  14. nickeboy

    Vr6 bits needed

    Thanks lilfuzzer Yes I still need rear shelf supportsmin good condition and yes it's the seal that attaches to the body I need mine is a little rotten at the bottom. I am amassing a list of bits at the moment as I am tracking a leak, Does anyone know if you can get the little plasic tubular bits that go on the door pins, mine are broken and my doors are a very little bit not flush I wonder I'd this is the cause, also the foam bit that seals around the door hung, one is missing the other squashed over the years I need new ones.
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