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  1. jenkiam

    Rear silencer

    ok, thanks all - just got 1 problem fixed & think I'm all done & then this...😔
  2. jenkiam

    Rear silencer

    never had a problem with them myself tbh
  3. jenkiam

    Rear silencer

    Is there a decent supplier of VR6 rear silencers or will Kwik Fit be able to sort me out? Any suggestions welcome & wats the difference between resonated or non-resonated? cheers
  4. Can anyone point me to a definitive explanation of how to fix or replace the fan/heater controls of a 95 Corrado plse?
  5. Can anyone point me to a definitive explanation of how to replace the electric window regulator on a 95 car? Lots of threads on here with broken links so I'm not having any joy finding wat i need
  6. jenkiam

    Brake feel

    ok, cheers all - sounds like fairly normal then!
  7. jenkiam

    Brake feel

    Just had new brakes fitted all round on the Storm & now the pedal feels really soft with a long travel, is that normal in a Corrado (as suggested by the mechanic)? I've only ever driven 2 Corrado's but that doesnt seem to have been my experience. cheers Jenks
  8. Finally got around to taking some pics today for the insurance valuation, so here we are, this is my VR6 Storm
  9. nope, no issues apart from the fact the needle doesnt rise! I expected it to move into the middle of the gauge to indicate normal running.
  10. doh! its the 2.9 VR6.
  11. My dash temp gauge refuses to go much above the 70 degree min temp, so i suspect that the coolant sensor is faulty. But, i cant seem to see where the bl**dy thing is under the bonnet! Anyone got a engine bay pic of the sensor to help this old fool out?! cheers Jenks
  12. I had a similar issue when my VR6 wouldnt start - it would attempt to fire but not fully 'catch'. Both the AA man & me thought it was fuel pump but my mechanic tracked it down to an immobiliser issue in the ECU.. So, we removed it from the car & sent it off to be fixed/re-coded by an auto electrician in Bristol & the car now starts & runs well. Get the ECU properly looked at would be my suggestion.
  13. jenkiam

    New owner

    So, this is me & yes it needs a proper clean!
  14. Cheers all, I did take the switch out in the end & it fell apart in my hands!
  15. So, I've read the posts about the ABS light not turning off but what does it signify if it doesnt come on all?! ie not at start up or ever. Thanks
  16. Hi all, just bought myself a Corrado Storm, been lusting after 1 since the 90's!! Its a 95 VR6 Storm, 1 family owned & in pretty decent condition. Needs a little mechanical fettling because its been sat in a garage since the original owner died in 2020, so I'll be asking plenty of technical questions on here! Cheers Jenks
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