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  1. Woo does your working there mean I can get staff discount Scarlet?? :D.
  2. I'd love a 911, it's a given, and if I had a house already I would buy one! However, still saving for a phat house deposit at the moment :'(.
  3. Sorry Dinkus it's genuinly not an advert, I am not selling yet, if i sell it would be the start of December and I wouldn't have posted this now! I am just more stating I am gutted to think of selling and gathering my thoughts. Also keen to hear peoples opinions. I did think of ordering a new cayman scarlet, when they were annouced. But there is something about the boxster I love, it's a very neat packaged! If I was going to spend that much I prolly would buy a late 996 carrera. But in all honesty I just want something fun and the more I spend the more I have to worry about it and the more attention it gets, boxsters are 10 a penny now and that suits me!
  4. You'll laugh if that is your air cooled beasty, but I'm looking at a 2-3 year old boxsters (2.7 and no vvt so I guess 3-4 year olds now) with sub 20k, leather, climate, becker sound system and no traction control.
  5. Yo All, 40k (miles), e38, several very cool meet-ups, a lot of awesome people, A LOT of awesome cars (still yet to get over Jays), one massive European road trip and 4 years later I'm kind of leaning towards the side of getting rid of my Corrado :'(. I hit 25 in a few weeks time and I've dreamed of owning a Porsche since i was knee high. My job is getting more and more demanding and the other love of my life (surfing) as ever steals what's left. There is just no time to fix little bits and genuinely care for my C any more :'(. It deserves a lot better! The car is still a late 94 M, fitted with: Lowered 40mm Koni TAs with H&R springs (6000 miles old) K&N panel filter Vibratechnics front engine mount New brake pads and lamda senser 4x Newish avon zv3s (good grip, good walls, poor retention of air!) 17 inch OZ polaris, curbed by an ex forum members gf (from her mkII 16v - would love a refurb) 9 Months on m.o.t (sailed through with new lamda sensor) 6 months on tax An a4 box file of history and reciepts, oil changes every 6k since I owned it. It still drives like a dream and always puts a smile on my face!!!! Black interior Alpine Commander unit and 6 disc multichanger lupo wipers Clifford Concept 300 cat 1 alarm and imob. Newish Sach-Power Clutch. Bad news ----------------- 146k on the clock (fully rebuilt after the cambelt snapped at 99k by a vw service manager for his wife who got preggers) Tiny bit of rust on drivers door (I have a replacement door that would be included) Small scratch on front bumper and small scuff on passenger side wing. No log book, got lost when a garage went bankrupt (former owner only just got the car back, but VW have it on their system up to 80k and there is stacks of paper work inc most MOTs since then. Heater controls suffer classic prob and need to be fixed. What price do you guys reckon if I were to sell it? It seems stupid to become emotionally attached to a car, it's why I love dubs too much. I am half tempted to just take it off the road and start fitting the 1.8t I have talked and thought about for x no. of years! But time is not on my side and I really wouldn't want it to rott in a garage, it deserves a lot better! Thanks, A dejected Olly!
  6. I've had 3 boards on the Thule with java straps!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also use the Dakine softrack on hire cars. The dakine always feels a hell of a lot safer!! But never had an issue with either and would never try that!!!!!!!
  7. Tried but out of my price range! min price is £5900 and it doesn't meet the spec either. Ideally I just want a surf bus and to spend a maximum of 4 grand. I don't need a mint low milleage van :/. But there just don't seem to be any around! The other issue is the more I spend the closer I get to Aircooled nirvana but I have no where to store or work on one so I can't get one yet. It rubs salt in the wound having to spend over 4k on a water cooled van tbh.
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for a SWB 1.9tdi t4 van, ideally (maroon/red, black or blue - not white!) with a tail gate and fsh. But I can't find any anywhere that fit the above description! I've been browsing auto trader, (ebayish), some surf sites for sale boards and club gti's for sale section for two weeks now, but no dice! Can anyone suggest any other places to look, or even better does anyone know of one for sale?? Cheers, Olly.
  9. Hi Guys, I've just moved to Swansea and I need to M.O.T the car, any recomendations??? Cheers, Olly.
  10. White 16v had a little play on some road heading twds Newport :), could of been the a40 :). Both driver and passenger waved
  11. Rang ur Mobile John, will ring again 110% up for that. I'd like it if you could chat to Autotechnics as well, you may well be interested to anyways as they are v keen to help with this and learn from it. Thanks, Olly
  12. Sorry dude, I didn't realise that, I thought the 9a was tall block and thus different to the KR. I really don't know much tho :). Trying to learn more :)
  13. They won't fit a TSR manifold, they had to send the last two back. Ideally I want more mid range too so 4-2-1 it has to be plus it's a 9a :'( not the KR
  14. My car went into Autotechnics and they have been trying to get me an exhuast manifold for my 2l 9a. But have had no luck! Miltek and Supersprint told them they wouldn't fit and don't actually make 4-2-1 ss manifolds for right hand drive cars. So Autotechnics want to do some research before they get one and fit it. They've asked me to ask anyone that has fitted the miltek manifold if they have any hints or tips???? :) sozs to be a noob?? Any suggestions/Comments?? I understood it was a tight fit but was definatly dooable?? Autotechnics are worried about the orientation of it being wrong to the degree a hot manifold is near components that could melt!?! Or that it won't fit and will knock and cause me problems! I know this has kind of been done to death and I feel guilty for asking it. When i get it sorted perhaps we could have a sticky and I'll get some pics and a guide together of the install!
  15. Brando

    tsr 4 branch

    I am getting the miltek one as Autotechnics said they had to send the last two TSR 4-2-1 exhaust manifolds back! Edit, they are fitting it next week so I will let you know how that goes.
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