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  1. For sale 2002 VW lupo GTI Black 6 speed MOT 14th june 2013 Tax 30/06/2013 Aircon Cd player Electric windows Bathurst Alloy Wheels BDC Induction kit 104k Excellent tread on all tyres Newly refurbed altonator new bonnet relese mech Its a really clean car and drives absolutly mint. Engine is solid and has seen regular service. Bodywork is very good but has a few stone chips (typical for an 11 year old car) Interior is excellent. Not much else to say about it. Its an absolute weapon yet will still get 30+ mpg. Handles like its on rails and is still comfy. Viewing can be arranged most evening and weekends from TS21 If you would like anymore info please dont hesitate to call £3500 ono Poss px for bike or car 07928007201 Pictures do not do the car justice Cheers
  2. i will do im trying t get to a few meets if your there i prob wont miss you in the yellow rado Cheers
  3. So rado-steve How much around is a 1.8T Transplant gunna set me back? Also was t a fairly simple swap or a complete ball ache? Cheers
  4. ye iv seen Just a thought really i always wondered about a 4x4R32 engined rado but i think the costs may skyrocket a little bit!!!! Im gona look into it more for reliability(as wel as close to 300BHP) but i really dont want to loose the G60 flava you know. Has anyone ever turbocharged a G60 lump?
  5. Does anybody have an idea what a 1.8T conversion costs and how much hassel is involved putting one into a G60 Bay? Would it just be easier and cheaper to do a full engine rebuild on my existing G60 engine? Cheers
  6. from the sounds of things this product is the dogs so as soon as i can sneak the money (without the mrs finding out, she wants a new bed BECAUSE ´a sleeping bag on the garage floor is below her´,cant see her problem really) ill put my order in .
  7. im stiil trying to figure out the costs of bringing it over and keeping it or bringing it over and spraping for parts it depends how much the cars worth in pieces
  8. Does anyone know a rough price on a rebuild or or do the prices depend on any certain things
  9. ye thats it vw are famous for there bomb proof engines but wear and tear should be expected after 225k i just rather have full confidence in it if shes coming over here but if i havnt sold here by the time its over here im gona keep it i just dont know which root to go down OEMrestoration engine everthing or put my money into tuning it even more i do have a need for speed and if i bring it over i do fancy the od track day
  10. it may not but as much as i love motors i dont know that much about them and since its done 225k and il been using it as a daily driver and for trips to brighton and back i thought i might cheak the prices out just to see if its in my budget id rather be safe than stuck half way down the m1.( if that makes sence)
  11. Does anyone know how much an engine rebuild would cost for a rado g60 and how long would it take anyone.
  12. thanks iv been thinking it over iv been after a new project over here and i was thinking about goin for an escort cos but i miss my car a lot and its really not selling over there so its a big possibillity its going to make back here
  13. i might bring it over as a weekend car yet so it might make it to the uk iv already moved back to the uk but the cars still in spain lots to think about realy
  14. it sounds like its goin to be a bit out of my league im not over brilliant with a spanner and not the richest of men. i really want to keep the car but as its in spain at the moment still unsure as to bring it back its a g60 jet so using 16v parts might not be a good idea either. Thanks for your imput guys youve been a great help. James costa-corrado
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