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  1. Hello, We used to be able to list our Playstation and xbox live handles on our info bit below our avatar photos. Any chance this can be implemented again? Cheers.
  2. Too busy with geetars eh? ;-) I think we all lose the love at times. I am in C love right now and can't find one to buy! :-(
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    I generally agree with the comments made, I was merely trying to add some balance. The area where the damage is on the bottom right of the bumper would indicate she was reversing out of a space to end up facing 90degrees from where she started; her back to the ATMs and facing the exit. It would also appear she was reversing out of a disabled space, indicating she might be a blue badge holder (not the Peter type). I shan't get into discussing the issue of people with disabilities being given the opportunity to drive (personally I have no problem with it, I however feel differently about the elderly but that's by the by) but it might provide food for thought. Maybe she has a case of elephantiasis of the right foot, making her more susceptible to getting her foot stuck. :geek:
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    We all have bad days .
  5. I was very disappointed to hear about Sky getting its claws into what should be a free to view service. It is plain wrong, and a sorry state of affairs. However you cannot really attack the Beeb for it. The BBC is always taking flak and people complain about the cost of the license fee but to me for the sheer quantity and quality of output I think it is a bloody bargain. I think it's days in it's current format are numbered and it will be a very, very sad day when it is broken up, sold off and forced to show adverts. I miss the BBC living abroad but still access it's services frequently; news and sports websites, BBC news 24, listen again and live to the radio, some cheeky downloads of shows - mostly Top Gear. Word service broadcasting was recently stopped in Dubai due to risings costs and it was quite a story here I can tell you, one interesting this too was that it wasnt just British expats kicking off about it but pretty much everyone who appreciated the impartial nature and quality content. And sorry Ben-B but I feel that those are pretty misguided and ignorant comments. Your complaints about them showing repeats make little sense in this argument too, showing repeats will save money so they have more to spend on new programming for their flagship channels. The BBC is obligated to provide public service broadcasting so has to produce quality entertainment that appeals to all who pay for a license. BBC 4 may not be to everyone's taste but it is hugely popular with a great deal of people, as visual equivalent of radio 4, covering arts, culture, debate. The cost of BBC 4 per annum is less than the cost of broadcasting an F1 season. BBC 1xtra costs 11 million a year and 5 Live Extra just shy of 5. Dropping these are not really going to make much of a difference at all. 6music is excellent, in fact I believe the Beeb were going to drop it but received such a backlash they had to back down, they didn't realise quite how popular it is. Sacrificing Wimbledon or the Olympics! Seriously?!? It's a damn shame and a sign of things to come. Don't beat the BBC up about it, boycott Sky. License fee works out at about 12 quid a month. The least amount you can pay Sky to get the F1 races is as posted previously £31. Or £145 v's £372 a year. I think I'd rather pay a few quid extra a month towards the license fee, keep F1 and save having a feck ugly expensive dish stuck on the side of my castle. BBC spending for those of you that are interested: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/jul/12/bbc-spending
  6. Rupert Murdoch has said he is touched by some of the messages left on Amy's phone
  7. Without a hint of irony, the Daily Mail today reported that the Oslo terrorist is an anti-Muslim extremist who posts lunatic right-wing nonsense on the Internet.
  8. Those on the right are one my favourite types of boob - I like to think of it as a button boob. Suspension talk seems very boring now.
  9. I quite liked the first A1 I saw, thought it could be a proper decent hot hatch, but agree 30k is utterly stupid money. Not only that but I had an A3 for a while and that had S-Tronic (DSG) and I'm quite sure the stick shown in the add is of the manual variety. I will also have to assume from the photos that the radio and sat nav screen is integrated into the instrument cluster entirely, don't like that one bit. I saw my first A7 yesterday. I just thought 'why?' I really don't see the point of it, and the back reminds me of a troll that's had the top of its head flattened. Audi is turning it to a marque for cnuts. I'd sooner drive a BMW now.
  10. I felt compelled to both Google and share. Cut of your jib Meaning One's general appearance and demeanour. Origin The jib of a sailing ship is a triangular sail set between the foretopmast head and the jib boom. Some ships had more than one jib sail. Each country had its own style of sail and so the nationality of a sailing ship, and a sailor's consequent opinion of it, could be determined from the jib.
  11. How about something like: Sorry it's a bit naff - but you get the idea.
  12. Here it is: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?29393-The-Forced-Induction-16V-Thread It used to be stickied but not anymore since the forum went through the change. Liking the all white - has a motorsport feel about it.
  13. Karl, had a read through the history of C488ADO in the members gallery, very, very nice!!! I think you have done extremely well there. Just pop it into Stealth for a VRT and it's sorted. ;-)
  14. I had a car egged once about 2.5years ago, made a bit of a mess of the paintwork - the egg left a weird stain (am sure it would have come out with some T-cut) and there were tiny tiny pits and chips too. It was only a hire car but I was quite gutted, it was a brand spanking new Passat - it had about 30 miles on it when I picked it up on a long term hire from work. It happened a few times too - I got the impression the eggs had been thrown from a moving car. I started parking elsewhere. Hope yours is OK - I am sure the rinsing it off quickly will have helped. Pesky kids.
  15. Hi Dave, I'm well thanks. How about you? I see you have moved on to pastures new, hope it is working out for you. :-) I'm yet to do the autodrome, keep thinking about having a go round the Yas Circuit, might have to go to the F1 this year. Karl, life in Dubai can be pretty sweet, but my time spent sweating my nuts off working in refineries and noisy boilerhouses and staying on camps in the middle of nowhere with no mates, booze or women or often decent conversation or internet keeps me grounded! Went to a place on the east coast of the Emirates on Friday called Snoopy island - so named because it is supposed to resemble Snoopy on his back laying on his kennel. It's a popular spot for snorkelling - I saw a couple of reef sharks which was cool but no turtles this time. Tis the Indian ocean so lots of tropical fish to be seen, it doesn't compare to scuba I've done in SE Asia but it's nice to have it a mere 2hr drive away. Off to a refinery on Wednesday near the Saudi border so that's me sleeping in a sweaty cabin for a while..
  16. Few pics from the dunes at the weekend, including one of the 'tuner somewhat stuck - the result of bottling it on the crest...
  17. /\ This made me laugh out loud very loud in the office. :-D Sorry to see your rust problems though Alex.
  18. I bet Osama Bin Laden regrets putting his address on the PlayStation network now..
  19. I used to call mine the 'Conkyrado' bit unfair as it didn't really ever breakdown, my ex called it 'that fu****g car' or if I had been servicing her instead of the rado and was thus in her good books she called it 'the beast'.
  20. Fixed cameras - every now and then they have an area to do u turns, on each of these there is camara - the limit drops from 100 to 80k/hr - I tend to set the cruise at 140-150km/hr. I have obviously been day dreaming or not backing off enough, plus on my last jaunt there was a mobile camera on a tripod on the central reservation - perhaps I've missed these too. It was very small. I think the plod down there must be getting bored or given targets, the towns are few and far between.
  21. I just had an invoice from my lease company emailed to me a few hours ago (via my boss). 6 speeding fines! :-( No points (as far as I know) which is good, you have to be really horsing it or driving like an utter tool to get them here, that also usually carries having your car impounded for 30 days and a hefty fine too. Don't even think about drink driving here - automatic minimum of a month in jail.. No points is a win but it will still it'll be a fair old deduction from next months salary, a touch embarrassing at work, and generally a crap way to kick off the weekend. Before I get attacked - the fines are all from a desert road from Abu Dhabi city to a refinery heading towards Saudi - long flat straight roads - very empty when I use it too. I wish the 2 week issuance rule applied here, one dates back to 19 Feb!! The last one the middle of March, and I have done a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing since then.. So think I can safely expect more. :-(
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