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  1. Any tips on easiest way to remove thermostat on my 16v, it looks right fiddly. Thanks
  2. wilson

    cannot open bonnet

    Thanks guys, will give all tips ago.
  3. Any ideas, from standing in front of car, the left off the bonnet will lift but the right hand side is jammed. ive tried forcing it, and tried looking from underneath, but cant get to it !
  4. Oh right, thanks. What about a tool to compress the spring to remove collets ? is there a specific vw tool?
  5. How? By tieing the cord to the valve end, of fitting the hose over the end to stop it dropping? What about some mole grips with rubber between the grips to protect? Thanks Wilson
  6. I haven't a compressor though, do you reckon the method I explained on CVH would work with piston at top? I dont want to try and loose the valve :shock:
  7. Can you do it? Never changed seals on these engines, I've only ever done it on a ford CVH. on that engine we used to make sure the piston was at top, of each cylinder first so the valve couldn't drop. compress the spring using a tool that screws on the rocker bolt, and the pop the collets out. Is that anything like these engines? thanks Wilson
  8. Leemo's Magic 11, is a mate of mine... what a bad start !!!! 5th pos for me... not bad hey !
  9. 3rd place. still got manu and chelski games today! if any subs were used they dont updated until end of game week
  10. I tried 3mm after searching on here, but put it in the hole and it doesn't seem to locate anything, I've looked in the hole with a torch, and doesn't look like there is a screw there !!!
  11. Sorry to hear that, but i'm more concerned with my mixture at the mo..!! Cheers mate. Anyone know, i cant find it in the haynes, although I am using the golf 16v manual
  12. Oh, I'd done a search on here and 2 seperate posts said 3 mm... maybe thats why I cant turn anything... will give it another go tonight with a 4mm anti clockwise to lean ???? Thanks for response.
  13. I'm sure I'm missing something... In the haynes manual it looks like there should be a tube sticking up where the mixture screw is, mine is just a hole, and I'm sure there isn't a screw in there. difficult to see in there though.
  14. I have a feeling my mixture screw is missing...! The allen key doesn't seem to fit in there correctly, and I cant see anything in the hole with a torch... looks like there is another smaller hole in there. Anybody missing one of these before?
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