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  1. Thank you, Shaun. She's currently elsewhere having a few minor things sorted and I can't wait to be reunited next week! I do recall my 1991 16v's spoiler rose at 45 and didn't know this had changed. Makes sense to me. Have a great BH weekend!
  2. Many thanks one and all for the helpful replies. Fortunately the spoiler is happy atm but I wanted to know what I needed for when the inevitable (?) happens. 34 years on since my previous Corrado purchase I'm near the bottom of the learning curve! Good learning point about the rear view mirror, Dox...
  3. Good evening, all. Just acquired a '95 VR6 and struggling to contain myself. Had a 1991 16v that was stolen and written off in '96. Never got over it so here we are. Question that I'm sure many of you have the answer to: which spoiler module do I need? Internet research to date suggests there might be two (535-919-845A and 535-919-845C). My guess is I need the latter one (part number ending in C) but any informed answers would be most welcome! Look forward to hearing what you're all doing with your great cars. Cheers R
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