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  1. HI all Been away for a while, but been on this forum for 15 plus years Now i can't seem to post anywhere except here My Corrado VR6 came with me to portugal 14 years ago, never used, now after Brexit, I still haven't imported it, now it's a real problem to do it. wanted to list it in the for sale forum, as I've founs a shipper whio can get it back to the uk Thanks for any help in what I'm not doing right Dic
  2. no problem kongo and thanks for the welcome. We also have friends in colares and sintra so we travel there too. just foundout ecp do european delivery so thats gonna help,cos the prices here are a bit steep........ will see you on msn when I get signed in Dic
  3. hi kongo yep We have emigrated permantly to near aljezur, but I have to return to UK to finish some work. Weare here to stay.
  4. we'll try this one, and ref parts, we have already had fernando at vw Portimao in stitches when we told him we had 2 corrados.............sure he was writing next years bonus cheque already for achieving his parts sale targets
  5. gonna try and put up a couple of pics and see if it works never had much luck with theis but weather is fab, beer is gold, and we have a round yellow orb type thing in the sky that you lot in thw uk might remeber as the SUN...............lol sorry, gloating over, i've got to come back for 3 months to finish a contract, then i'm out here for good. with the rest of the family, who are here for good now. PS Mum loves her rado too...................
  6. well quickly................ we got here, ferry was force 8 (bouncy)spain was wet, Portugal was dark Got here at 3am went to bed and woke up 4 hours later for removal lorry. pics got forgotten about, but I do have a few will be back soon only 1 bonnet lift.........................for the misfire which returned again
  7. Well the day has finally come. The weather here is shitte, the government has lost the plot, and the family and I have decided to leg it to Portugal. Today however should be interesting. We leave Liverpool at about midday and head for Portsmouth for the ferry to Spain. Once there we head for Aljezur in Portugal (Atlantic coast Algarve) Interesting Why? Because we are taking 2 corrados. A 1991 1.8 16v which cost me 500 bucks. Pinched the leather interior and gave it to my mum(Ahhhhhhhhhhh)and number 2 is a 1993 2.0l 16v. Cost a bit more, but she looks good. We will be taking pics along the way and will post some up when we get there. More to the point tho, if you see us with a bonnet up (Not unexpected) PLEASE lend us a hand. Enjoy the UK and we'll see you when we come back ................. BYeeeee (For now)
  8. Hey Deluk Have had 2 1.8 16v and still have one, i have 1 2.0 16v and a vr6. vr6 is the only way to go, but make damn sure the engine is good. It can be expensive as I am finding out, but there again the car was cheap. Hold out for the right one, it will be worth it. Dic
  9. panlel meaning if you take out the runners, you can't mount the sunroof panel so you have a hole in the roof. headling is bonded with.............ummmmmmmmmm dunno that one, but there is some glue but not sure what it's called.........oops guiness calling ttfn
  10. well Ian, I have 2 corrados to deliver to portugal in the next few weeks, and then have to shout at the garage to complete the resurrection of my vr6. So if anyhting falls off then it can saty there and if the car stops, that can stay there too..................oh and I've got to swap an interior over this weekend. lucky me, oh and come to warrington on thursday to collect a bike.........oh and i'm off to commit guiness..........now
  11. on the top side towards the front................owww, theres another knuckle gone........
  12. the problem is that until you pull it apart, there might be other bits you need. General wear will stop it from working, so until it's apart, tis impossible to say, but do it all in one hit, cos removing the headlining, although not difficult is time consuming and annoying Dic
  13. you might need longer than 2 weeks, but you can at least get something else started before you have to wait another week for parts that vw stealers say doesn't exist Hehe Have fun
  14. i got my lambda sensor form a local car parts supplier. It was NGK i believe. Access is awkward unless you have a pit, or ramp, but electrical connectors are simple. Give it a go, and see what happens Dic
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