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  1. Hi, ive sent you a PM regarding source for Aluminium radiator can you get back to me when you get chance please

  2. Nice, guess you kerbed them? Get some pics up when you get chance

  3. Nice did you get them wheels put on too?

  4. Hows the G60 going mate not heard how yours is getting on in a while. Mines getting a new rebuilt engine at stealth

  5. Yeah just gave her a fun out before, clear off any cobwebs etc, brakes feel really good after i did a pressure bleed on the system. Checked lights etc so its anything underneath really... Im off all week anyway so any problems can get sorted anytime during the week. Im gonna watch the game aswell liverpool chelsea on afterwards, was going to go to the pub but thought fook it cant be arsed. Watching MOTO GP?

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