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    Water Pump Prices

    Cheers again. Yeah, I had a look at it and it seemed to be a bit of a hassle to get to as it's right under the alternator. I don't have the tools/time/skills to get to it, so I'll just take it down to my friendly neighbourhood garage, and it should hopefully only be an hour or so's labour. I need a service on the car anyway. I'm just getting the niggly things out of the way now because I'll be selling the car next month. Ta.
  2. Yozza

    Water Pump Prices

    Cheers for that. I thought I read somewhere about having to crank up the engine, so I thought it might be a bit of a nightmare?
  3. Yozza

    MOT question

    I've managed to blag lifts for the rest of the week now, so I should be sorted. It'd just be sods law that I pranged it on the only day without an MOT. Saying that, my first car (1L Citroen AX!!) failed it's MOT, and after scrapping it I realised that I'd been driving it round without an MOT for over a month anyway. Whoops.
  4. Yozza

    MOT question

    Cheers, that's what I thought. Could be a day on the train then unless I can get it booked in early.
  5. Morning, Just a quick question about getting an MOT. Mine is due this week, but I'm away with work from the end of the week. I was going to book it in for 28th. That leaves a few days this week when the car has no MOT. Is there any leeway in driving a car with no MOT as long as it's booked in for one, or can you only do this to/from the MOT centre? Cheers for any help....
  6. Yozza

    Exhaust (Polo Mk2)

    The hangers are newish (about a year), but they were ones that the garage had rather than VW ones. I think the old ones snapped and teh garage used whatever it had. I've bought some from VW (I was changing my Corrado ones anyway), but I'm not sure it would make any difference as the exhaust is twisting and too high, so tighter ones may make it worse. Might be worth putting them on anyway. I've not seen a connection like that before either. I could understand a flex to let it move, but not twist. I might change the rubber hangers when I get a chance and see if it makes any difference.
  7. Yozza

    Exhaust (Polo Mk2)

    I think the weight of the back box is causing it to twist all the time so that the end of the exhaust is almost touching the rear of the car. I think it's just bouncing on the hangers when it goes round corners and the exhaust is hitting the car.
  8. Hello, Sorry to post about Polo's in here, but I thought I'd get a few quick replies..... My girlfriend has got a Mk2 Polo and the exhaust has been knocking when going round corners. I thought it would probably be the rubber hangers, but it seems that the exhaust is rotating slightly at a mid point along the pipe and that's causing the end of the exhaust to twist up, touching the rear of the car. It's rotating at a point where there seems to be some kind of braided heatshield. I've not seen this before so I wondered if someone could shed any light on it and what (if anything) I can do. Picture is below, the left hand side is moving. Is this normal or some past Garage cowboy bodge? Cheers for any help on this:
  9. Right, Just to let you know, I've managed to find one in Portsmouth at a VW dealer. If you call any dealer they'll do a national search. There's about 5 other dealers in the South East that still have it in stock as it only went obsolete last week (!). Cheers for all the help with this, and I'll be off to Portsmouth at the weekend. Yozza.
  10. Right, cheers. Any ideas of places that might have one? Would VW keep an old stock or are they all gone now? Keep an eye on e-bay and the forums, but the MOT is next month, so if it fails I'm in trouble. Cheers.
  11. Reet, Numbers on the lens are: 001 133 061 04444 01 R8 7R 011 758 Hope at least one of those is useful. There's some condensation in the headlight now, so I'm going to have to seal it pretty sharpish. Cheers.
  12. Oh, one other thing. Even though I've got a 1.8 16V, the bonnet is from a VR6. One of the previous owners replaced it. Does that make a difference to lens/light selection? Cheers.
  13. Sorry if there's a post on this already, but what are the differences between the ones on different Corrados? I'll have a trawl through the forums and see if anybody is breaking. Ta.
  14. It's a 1990 (H Reg) 1.8 16V. Are these easy to get? It may be worth getting some now and replacing it before the MOT. Cheers.
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