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  1. Excuses Excuses! Winter is almost over - get the coilies on and stop the excuses..... Drew! :wave: :wave: And i'm sure its you always contacting me about meets and shows!!
  2. I clarify the only email address is sal[email protected] no personal addresses are on the site
  3. like i said it was used as a site so people could stop waiting for questions to be replied during the November-February group buys available on, Ed 38, Corrado forum, club polo, club lupo, a mini forum, some vauxhall forums and some import forums. Mate the only 'beef' you have is with JJ, doing this publically on a forum over and over is getting sad, and probably gtting a lot of people involved who shouldnt be having to answer things.... like myself. Instead of all of this, put a formal letter to JJ or wait for him to get back. But if you say that you dont need a set of wheels now, then surely you cant be expecting the deposit to be paid back?? not normally the way a deposit goes... btw i'm done answering Q's, as it really doesnt have anything to do with any one of these members on this forum nor others... it seems it has been said over and over to you that your real issue is with JJ. I'm sorry if it seems like i'm snapping, because i'm honestly not.. but i dont see how many more people can say the same thing to you..
  4. the site wasnt put up as a company! it was put up as a resource due to the silly amount of hits in the group buy section of this very forum... it just so happens that the guy who could get them in JJ can/has still been getting them in, so his mobile has been left on the site. this isnt his sole job remember, its a service he is providing in his spare time...
  5. isnt the website email address - [email protected]? i should know, i designed the flapping site! which incidently has just gone down to over-shooting its bandwidth - will re host again tonight. btw, i'm not JJ, just a helpful person who wanted to help get some sales for him by plugging the site! only problem with you bad mouthing the site and not the seller is that it makes me look bad, and people on other forums (including ed which you have happily mouthed off on aswell) know me from the site, so makes me look like a plank. if you ordered the wheels through jj's personal email address then this is why it hasnt gone through the company website, so therefor do you not think you have indeed bought them off jj direct?!
  6. Jonesmark12

    Paint Codes

    Jon you're not allowed to go down that road i told you already! ... But if you must play that game, i'll book the shell into the body shop this month!!
  7. 16x9.5r et-21.5 -- 195/40/16 continental
  8. 195 45 on the rears on a 9 would be mad! now 165/40's with the rubber being pre stretched!!! (HeHe - Joking!!) :blackeye: just looked looked at the post on edition, the 195/45 arent stupid looking with the proxies - but i have to agree with shakey, those sp9000 in the 215/40's look awesome, great tyre too.. Thats what i'm going for. edit* they're £100 a tyre!! :gag: Or be a baller!! :shocked!:
  9. Much better on the 15's andy!! i'm getting my new bbs' done to the same size! they're over at pureklas tomorrow for a full colour change. you keeping them 8's and 9's i was contemplating 8.5 up front, but liked the way she was on the oz's in an 8. So 8&9's for me! What size tyres have you got on the rears? guessing 194/45 on the front? Seats are v pimp!! i've got some tanktops which would go nicely with them!! love it!! Mark
  10. :cheers: havent even read Dinkus' comment yet!! but quality!!
  11. Is the cage in the Blue one (Dales old one isnt it?) a 51mm? They are great prices - makes me wonder though - is there any point doing a 'show' 6 point cage seeing they do front cages too? or if i really want a 6 point should i just get 'proper' cage? Also we should see how many are up for a group buy before getting in touch - could be a good few people who will want one...
  12. Without sounding too distasful - i think my ol man has found me a set of genuine articles - all depends on if i want to sit in a seat which has seen a hell of a lot of blood! were fitted into a Carrera 4 guy had a nasty accident outside brussels! I dont mind too much as i would naturally get them trimmed! - could smell during summer otherwise!! The cheapo ones are really a case of getting what you pay! but i havent sat in them, so i cant really help on that side - i'm not being a snob buying original - its just if i can get them at a bargain, then its more of an incentive when i come to sell them for whatever reason!
  13. Naaa! dont do it!! :censored: Only because i've just picked up my GT3 dashboard over the weekend - and i'm sorting the seats out next month!! Wanted to be the first corrado with it!! I havent seen amother C with GT3's in them, but i could be wrong.
  14. Ive bought loads from here before - you have nothing to worry about - the postage and quality of the product will be spot on!
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