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  1. will 2

    handbrake cables

    Hi Si the ones i bought are the 1613mm ones , not got under the car to check exactly but they look ok, so far
  2. Feels very strong as I had to file it flat and drill out the hole to make it round
  3. hi all , just in case any of you need to do a repair on your swirl pot or any plastic part that needs fixing before after this is what i used
  4. going to put a post up in a bit of the repair i done on the swirl pot in the drivetrain section
  5. hi Si just to say i recived all the parts thanks, managed to buy a length of pipe same dimensions from b&q just got to cut it down to the size of the OE ones.
  6. hi thanks for finding them, yes i'll have all those off you, shame about the sleeves though. pm me your paypal details and i will sort that out for you
  7. hi , if you have the speed clips i mite be able to salvage my rubbers, thanks
  8. looking for a set of these if any one has any , must be good condition thanks
  9. got koni's on with h&r 40mm lower springs but one spring snapped so thought i would give coilovers a go
  10. i need to buy a set but i dont want the cheap ebay stuff and cant afford the high end ones, i have seen 2 sets that are in my price range the first are https://www.venommotorsport.com/partcode/GF80-005/ 2nd are https://gazcoilovers.com/vw-corrado-gaz-coilover-suspension-kit---gha-1494-p.asp which ones would you recommend ,also im not looking for a hard ride but a comfortable one that will handle the odd abuse
  11. will 2

    fuel pump

    hi , yes lift pump in the tank, with the main underneath, whats your thought on the accumulator
  12. will 2

    fuel pump

    looking for a fuel pump to fit my 2.0 16v and the price ranges are vast, from about £35 upto way over £200 for a bosch , what make would you guys recommend or actually use. and also the same question for the accumulator, part numbers if poss if you can. thanks
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