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  1. got koni's on with h&r 40mm lower springs but one spring snapped so thought i would give coilovers a go
  2. i need to buy a set but i dont want the cheap ebay stuff and cant afford the high end ones, i have seen 2 sets that are in my price range the first are https://www.venommotorsport.com/partcode/GF80-005/ 2nd are https://gazcoilovers.com/vw-corrado-gaz-coilover-suspension-kit---gha-1494-p.asp which ones would you recommend ,also im not looking for a hard ride but a comfortable one that will handle the odd abuse
  3. will 2

    fuel pump

    hi , yes lift pump in the tank, with the main underneath, whats your thought on the accumulator
  4. will 2

    fuel pump

    looking for a fuel pump to fit my 2.0 16v and the price ranges are vast, from about £35 upto way over £200 for a bosch , what make would you guys recommend or actually use. and also the same question for the accumulator, part numbers if poss if you can. thanks
  5. no, thought it mite have been an easy fix as the car has been stood for 6 years with the back end up on stands , was hoping it was just stuck,
  6. hi all, got a bit of a problem with my in tank sender / pump unit , basically i think its shot!! , question is can i get a replacement or parts to fix it , i cant find a part number anywhere on it and have searched the web but not getting much joy, any info would be great or if someone has one for sale. my car is a 94 16v 2.0 here as some photos of the offending part
  7. cheers mate , found it after i wrote the post out
  8. going have to give them a call as mine on the car are looking a bit crusty, and i know if i start to rub them down im going to end up with pin holes every where.
  9. thanks for that , did you have to send yours in for them to copy
  10. hi mate got to get a set of these , can i be cheeky and as you what they cost thanks
  11. will 2

    handbrake cables

    my cables are nearly off the car so when these turn up i will see how they match up to the OE ones
  12. subscribed to the forum now as not been on for a while , and i still cant open/see photos
  13. will 2

    handbrake cables

    https://www.gsfcarparts.com/731vg0290 i just ordered these hope they the right ones
  14. will 2

    handbrake cables

    think the length i need is 1613mm
  15. hi all , need to replace my handbrake cables, and would like to know what you all would recommend as there seems to be loads of different makes and prices out there. so if you could give me some makes that would be great, my car is a 94 2.0 16v thanks
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