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  1. Hi john, do you still have the corrado seats? I will be in Ipswich this coming weekend if they are available.




  2. They were a little known option on the hardy ever seen convertable Corrado - which never sold well in this country, due no doubt to our weather. :)
  3. Free to a good home - A set of Grey seats, a bit dusty due to being in my garage for a couple ( cough ) of years . Collection only from Ipswich, or arrange your own courier. I could deliver to Edition 38 on the Sunday ( Sept 4th ) if this helps .....
  4. Thanks Dox - they look useful. And thanks to those who posted the pointers to Cat suppliers ...... decision time v soon.
  5. It used to be the case that a 'different' engine made things easier - but I recall it changed maybe a couple of years ago and that 'loophole' has apparently been removed.
  6. Ah - seems the typo fairy modded my text. S/be 250k miles !!
  7. Thanks, emu. Has anyone bought a Cat recently and can report if they are as effective as the oem VW one ?
  8. My '94 VR ( now with 4mo 24v engine ) is due it's MOT pretty soon and last year the cat only just scraped through so I have been meaning to get it replaced all year - but you know how it is, you put things off 'till ..... VW no longer supply cat converters, so can anyone recommend a decent supplier ? Can't really complain too much I guess as the cat has done pretty much 250k miles ! And - hello again, everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for so long .....
  9. Please put me down for one - I'm away from home from 16th Nov to the 30th Nov, so may be better to hang onto it for me till I get back, unless you are posting really soon. Happy to pay as soon as you need it, of course.
  10. Very interesting :) Thanks for taking the trouble to post all that.
  11. Well - my 288s are on at last, and I have to say that the dreaded 'long pedal' doesn't seem much if any worse than when the old 280s were on. So, I'm quite a happy bunny. I'm using the part worn discs and pads that came with the 288s untill after the worst of the winter is over, so I'll report here my thoughts on Ferodo's DS2500 pads and Brembo plain discs when I fit them in the New Year.
  12. Ah, thanks for all that. I have to say I hadn't considered the understeer/oversteer aspect - I was thinking more of where you needed more sheer grip, and I did have in mind 'better' meaning more tread. Some food for thought though :) Talking about understeer - which I havent really experienced that much of in the Corrado - reminds me of many years ago when the original Mini first hit the roads. It was very entertaining to drive way too fast into a corner, lift off, and the very sudden switch from massive understeer to dramatic oversteer would get you back pointing the right way round the corner. Great fun it was, but of course back then, mid '60s, there was nowhere as much traffic on the roads :)
  13. I've read in the definitive tyre thread, and elsewhere, that you should have your best/better tyres on the back rather than the front. What's the rational behind this ? Logic - MY logic anyhow - tells me that the front should have the better tyres, if only because it's easier to control a rear breakaway than a front one. Is my logic wrong then ?? If so, please enlighten me as to the benefits of 'best on the back' against 'best on the front'.
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