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  1. Hey Mate Sorry they have gone also, have removed all items from first post now. Thanks Matt
  2. I am just after a good one please Should leave one for you also, Thanks for the update Jenks speak soon
  3. VR6 Grille Badges please, PM on its way
  4. Hi Ian, sorry yes would like to take it. Feel free to pm me your details
  5. Great thanks mate, feel free to drop me a PM with the PayPal details. I know I prob have them from the bits I sold but just to be sure. Cheers
  6. Hey Chris, yes please if you have them, how much you looking for posted? Cheers Matt
  7. Sounds great more fixings the better, thanks Ian
  8. Hi Ian, Sounds interesting how much would you be looking for on the bonnet hook posted? Thanks Matt
  9. Hi Chris, If you have those bits that would be great, feel free to drop me a PM with what you find. Cheers Matt
  10. As per title looking for a Late Fog Light Drivers Side, doesn't need to be mint, reasonable cost willing to be paid Thanks Matt
  11. List updated Sold items removed, Chrome front and rear badges added, If there is anything that you feel is inaccurately priced then just let me know, all offers welcome
  12. Payment received thanks Martin, will get it boxed up and out asap.
  13. Sorry but this is now spoken for, i will update the list accordingly. Thanks Matt
  14. The postage cost using 2nd class is about £2.80 :) almost the same price as an easter egg :D
  15. Hi Chris, sure no problems, the fuel pump is from a late VR so too is the sender. Will get a rough idea of costs and send them over to you. Thanks Matt
  16. Hi Guys and Gals, In the process of moving house so having a clear out in particular just offering up some bits I have accumulated over the last 10 years of C ownership. All items priced to sell and prices are not including postage, if you require postage I can arrange this just ask and i will get an estimate of the cost or you are welcome to arrange couriers. Collection available from West Byfleet Surrey. All items now sold, thanks Matt
  17. Hey Nick, yea i was being nice :) but also the old girl has water retention issues at the moment so just nursing it along for now until i can get a week booked in at stealth. coolant light came on hence the ditch last night
  18. VR6matty

    ap coilovers

    Snap and double snap, getting mine fitted next week, glad also to hear the positive comments for the kit. Seems like they are Good for the money anyway and the box has some interesting ladies on :)
  19. Just read the last few posts excellent power/torque figures congrats mate!
  20. Glad to hear it's finally done mate, now comes the fun part, learning how to actually use it :D just as long as you know what your doing in time for Spa What power did you end up with? Any boost control? It is good you have it back at the perfect timing for the year also. You are about to get very familiar with everyone at the petrol garage anyway
  21. :) That's more like it, 450 is an excellent price congrats mate. Give it a couple of years of good clean turbo fun and it will come even lower hopefully. mmm 450Bhp now there is a recipe for a new engine/gearbox :) cant hurt can it?
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