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  1. Thanks for the replies! Well it looks like a VR6 Raddo maybe on my drive very soon! I have read that the Raddo VR6 is faster than the Golf MK3 VR6, that would be much fun as my Golf VR6 was fast, well quicker to 0-60 and a better top speed than my Pug 306 GTI-6. The noise my VR6 Golf made was addictive, lovely car. Working on her was fairly easy apart from when I went to change the plugs and broke an HT lead as they are sods to remove!! Also it looks like Raddo's are falling in to classic car insurance now which will be kind on the bank balance.
  2. In need of some help here! I have enough money to buy a VR6 Corrado. Now she would be used as my daily car and I do 41 miles per day, about 20 of these miles are town and the rest B roads......Will a VR6 Raddo kill my bank balance as in fuel costs doing this amount of miles? I know my 1.8 16v could achieve 32MPG if driven with care and my MK3 Golf VR6 I was doing mostly A roads and with care getting 23MPG. Any input would be great.
  3. Firstly im back at work due to the better weather :) I was at work today and one of the bricklayers said he liked my Valver and how his wife has a VR6 and is thinking of selling it. She picked him up from work in it....its mint! She let me take it for a drive, only for a couple of miles but its awsome! The roar of a VR is out of this world :) She got it 2 years ago but due to 2 great dane dogs its not proving the most practical of cars, the other car is an old escort van thats full of tools so she wants to sell the VR for a Passat estate. Thing is it would mean me selling mine. Now i have spent more than £1000 in 6 weeks on her getting all the niggles fixed and getting her running like new. One big thing that puts me off is that i know im not going to get my money back on her. She is in pristine condition and everything works, even the sunroof being a glass moonroof.....£412 to get fixed and fitted! New plugs, dizzy cap, rotor arm, magnetec 10/40 oil, oil filter, air filter, battery....£88! Exhaust mid section, large silencer and a stainless back box.... New O.Z black alloys with Yoko tyres....Kenwood CD head unit, kenwood door speakers, kenwood dash speakers....the list goes on and on with all reciepts to prove....do i keep her or sell for the VR?
  4. Mancorr

    Secret computer!

    Thanks mate....feel better now :lol:
  5. Mancorr

    Secret computer!

    :cry: I thought i was the only one that knew.... i felt really clever for a few mins till the replies started coming in :oops:
  6. This worked on my 91 Golf GTI 16v and works on my 90 1.8 16v Corrado but dont know if it will work on VR6's or G60's. Im sure it will on all Valvers though! With key in the ignition hold the MFA button in with the slider on 1. Start the car then turn off then re-start....secret computer is now activated! Look at the computer on the dash then press the MFA button. Instead of MPG and stuff like that you will now get a digital rev counter, vacum reading and other fun stuff...some stuff will stay the same like the time. Whilst the engine is still running put the MFA switch to 2 and more fun stuff, i dont know what it all means but different figures come up. Like i said its all done by holding the MFA button in whilst you turn the car on then off then back on again. I was told there is a digi speedo but i have not found it! The digi rev counter works great and looks good too! I showed Davidwort the other day, he was impressed! The secret computer will carry on working until the car is turned off, then it goes back to normal.
  7. cheesewire, Sorry mate....its a 1.8 16v. Oh so i have VR6 ones....oops!
  8. Just bought some locking wheel nuts and they dont fit, yet the box says they are for Corrado's etc. The size of the locking nuts are M14 x 1.5....if this means anything to anyone!
  9. How easy is this conversion? Not looking at doing it right now as have money :( but give it a few months and i should have the cash. Its the thought of a Corrado with a turbo on it....great! The 225 TT's are quick. in a Corrado must be lightning! Anyone done this conversion? Dont really want the 150 or 180.
  10. I paid just under £20 for it, dont know how much a VW stealer would charge? Bally.....You are right, David is the Man! He got my unwell Corrado running like new, pulls like a train now :D
  11. We could not believe it....its going back to ECP first thing tomorrow morning! Luckily my old one was ok so David put that one back on. He also sorted the timing out on my car....it runs so much better, better performance and economy :D
  12. Hi Chris In reply to you buying a MK2 Golf GTI 16v or a Corrado.....Corrado anyday! Few reasons here...Corrado's are rare and you get lots of looks! Handling is better i think and i have owned a few GTI MK2 Golfs. The 16v Corrados are not as quick as a Golf 16v but have a better top end, maybe due to aerodynamics? 130mph can be seen from a 1.8 16v Corrado! Down to getting a VR or G60 i would go for the VR. 2.9 litre 6 cylinder engine chucking out 190 horses in standard form is going to give a big grin factor! I have been told the VR6's can top more than 150mph and a 0-60 time in the mid 6's....thats one quick car! Cant comment on the ABS mate but im sure someone off here will know!
  13. My car has gone into the garage today. The mechanic checked all my suspension, brakes etc....all ok :) Then he balanced my wheels. First one was miles out, second wheel is buckled :( They are O.Z wheels too. Reciept included in a load of papers i got with the car showing these wheels cost £629.99 back in 01!! I have located an O.Z dealer who said he cannot get me another one as they are not made anymore :cry: I have just checked out e.bay to get 4 alloys, a few used alloys are on there but none of the sellers have put the offset on :x I have mailed them all and had 1 reply so far saying 'whats an offset.... I know they fit an Astra and a Golf' I know that Astra's are 49ET, Golf's 35ET....bit of a gap :lol: If i was to advertise wheels on e.bay i would make sure all the details were on there, PCT, ET, tyre tread etc.....some e.bayers obvioulsy think an alloy wheel that would fit a Range Rover would fit a Corrado....some e.bayers ey!!
  14. Anyone know if there are any places in Milton Keynes or surrounding areas that do on car wheel balancing?
  15. Just come home and found that the steering wheel shakes much more under braking (not heavy braking). The front wheels were warm/hot after a 9 mile journey, back wheels....cold! Any more ideas to save me £40 getting an MOT :wink:
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