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  1. I'll keep the ad updated so give me a shout when pay day comes if this isn't labelled as sold! Cheers
  2. NOW SOLD 2001 Y Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v Colour Concept 3dr. The Colour Concept was a very high spec limited edition model – only 500 were produced in each of 4 colours. They were very well specced with a full leather Recaro interior, front heated seats, A/C, electric Windows/Mirrors etc. MoT end Sept Service not due until end September 130k Comprehensive service history. Heated, Leather Recaro seats Air con CD changer Elec windows Central locking Electric mirrors Alloy wheels Metallic black (LC9Z "magic black") Positive: - Fantastic condition Recaro seats. The leather is not worn and all the heating elements work. - Non smoker owners. Interior is very tidy overall. - The car has been well serviced - All tyres have over 6mm tread (one is brand new) - Feels tight to drive and performance is strong - No rust - The exterior has been pre-bruised so you don’t have to worry about doing it Less positive: - The exterior has been pre-bruised so you don’t have to worry about doing it. There are various bumps, dents and scrapes around the car. Looks OK from 5m, but less good up close. The wheels are fairly kerbed, though straight. The front bumper is cracked on the Fr left corner, though some expertly applied, gaffa tape hides it reasonably well. - Engine runs well, smoothly, pulls well etc, though the OBD light is on (seems to be very common on Polo!). The fault codes indicate front lambda sensor. You can get a universal 5-wire Bosch one for about 20-odd. - The drivers window switch is intermittent (regulators are fine) - drivers side window switch intermittent - One wheel bearing is a slightly noisy (think it’s front left). It drives fine, wheel turns OK and doesn’t have play, but it may want doing at some point in the next year or so. New bearing itself is £10, or you can get a whole 2nd hand hub for about £20. The stand out feature on this car is the interior, which is worth 350-400 on its own. The seats are super comfortable and supportive (as you’d expect Recaros to be) and warm up very quickly. The interior is excellent condition, has been looked after well and is a very nice place to sit. The car has been looked after mechanically, but the exterior has taken a few knocks having been parked on a narrow road. Viewing welcome, car located in Cranfield, Beds. £550 Ono
  3. Looking like you're gonna have a project here mate, lots of headscratching though but i'm sure it'll be worth it when you've finished!!! I'll have to see it!! Good luck buddy!!
  4. Hey man!! Loving that your gonna be making your rado 4wd and 24v!! Can't wait to see it finished!! (although it will make me soo jealous considering i've sold mine and miss it like mad!!!) Good luck with the conversion buddy!!!
  5. No man, i'm not looking for another - in fact it's quite the opposite! As much as i don't want to i think i'm gonna have to sell up for something REALLY cheap to run :(
  6. I spotted this on ebay - isn't this a little overpriced for a left hand drive Auto?!?!?! Without leather too! Also, anyone know what the third lcd screen in the rev counter is??!!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LHD-VR6-1996-VW-Corrado-Auto-Air-Con-Reduced-Price_W0QQitemZ270291289077QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item270291289077&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A7%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318 And check out the "rare" speedlines...
  7. Maybe she was smiling cos she was happy to see a Corrado rather than laughin at ya!!! :wink:
  8. Have you tried driving the car? If the battery has been flat, a short journey up the road might reset the ABS and clear the fault? I''d give this a go if you haven't already tried it... HTH
  9. I defo agree very much with what your saying about not being put off by write off etc, but having done a couple of VIC checks my understanding is that they do not check the quality of the repairs or the struture of the vehicle, but only check that the identity of the vehicle is of the original car - chassis numbers, any evidence of cut and shut etc. I think i've still got a letter from my old car at home which i can check to verify this but i'm pretty sure this is right. I won't be able to check until next week though. Best of luck to the person going to look at the car, i hope it all goes well!
  10. There's someone selling Corrado 1/18 models with the bbs wheels on for around £80!!! He wants a big premium over the standard model just cos it's got the fancy wheels on - especially when you've just shown us where to buy them from!!!
  11. KieranM

    C9 VRG

    Looks great!! The interior is stunning - i love it!!!
  12. Yeah check the fuse, i think it's the same one as the reversing lights - do they work?!
  13. KieranM

    VR6 cam cover.

    My 95 vr has a metal one, does this mean it may have been changed? I also heard that the plastic ones hide some noise somehow?!
  14. It could be the wires behind the steering wheel, the coil of wire that allows the wheel to turn and the wires not get twisted (i can't remember the name of it now...) or a wire brushing on trim as the steering wheel rotates. On my golf i sprayed some dry lube (i think- can't really remember if it was that or something along the lines of wd40) and it quietened down.
  15. I've done a search and confirmed that the later wings are wider than the early ones but is there any way to tell which one it is when it's off the car and the person who has them doens't know how old the car was?! Or is it a case of literally getting a later spec one and comparing it side by side to see any noticable difference?! And would it be obvious when donig this?! Hope someone can help, Many thanks!!
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