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  1. Ah yes. The rad's out at the minute so I didn't clock that, thank you. I'd better keep an eye out for another one.
  2. That's very cool. Not of any use to me to be honest but thank you.
  3. After far too much time I'm finally looking to get my Corrado back on the road. The front end needs some bodywork and the chap who's going to spray it isn't too complimentary about the state of my front cross-member. The upper part that supports the engine is fine but the thinner panel that drops down to support the bumper cover etc. is pretty rough and not worth trying to repair. Personally I can't see it causing a problem but I can see where he's coming from. Does anyone have any horror stories about failing cross-members or should I tell him to ignore it?
  4. I can understand that, it's too much hassle selling things sometimes. I'm just off the A30 but need a bumper fairly pronto as it's due to be painted on the next couple of weeks.
  5. I'm never up that way and can't think of anyone I know who is. If it's good then would you be willing to wrap it up for a courier? Not for free of course.
  6. I'm looking for an early rear bumper for my car. It's being completely resprayed so paint colour/condition is not important. The car is at a friends workshop so I haven't had a chance to sus out how it all goes together but I need the panel that connects the front bumper to the subframe. If it comes completew with the subframe then so be it. Obviously these are chunky/fragile parts so the closer to Cornwall the better as I'd prefer to collect than run the risk of couriers.
  7. 2nd that. That's difficult light to get nice contrast with. Jim, I can't promise anything because I seem to be living my life on a merrygoround just waiting to see where I land when it throws me off but.. My 16v is in for a respray right now and should be looking fantastic in November so get hold of me nearer the time if you need a car for the stand.
  8. Weitec basic -40mm spring and damper kit
  9. Ok it's not actually of the Corrado..
  10. I started a thread looking for a few parts the other day. Due to changing plans I have made this one as well to include "inca blue" in the title. Mods, please delete the other one if neccesary, sorry for the mess. Now I have been offered a bonnet but not in my colour so if there is one out there it would have to take preference. I need an early n/s wing but a pair of late ones in the right colour would be an alternative. Early grill, simple, don't need badges. Early n/s headlight, doesn't have to be great as the o/s isn't but a tidy matching pair would be of interest. If theres an inca drivers door and rear bumper out there then I'd like them. My door is dented and stretched and the bumper looks like it was painted with a splattergun. But neither of them is a priority. Since a BMW pulled out right in front of me I'm trying to get my 16v back on the road for less than I could get a faster one for. I've had it eight years and love the old money pit but at some point you just can't ignore economics.. I don't know yet whether insurance will cover a paint job that's worth having so I'm looking for the right colour panels just in case there are any out there, I get that it's a rare colour but you never know. I'm not in a desperate rush to actually get the parts but need to know what's available pretty soon so I know where I'm going with it. So I'm sorry if I can't make a snap decision on things but I won't string anyone along. If I can get the body repairs sorted fairly cheaply then I could go ahead with the ABF swap, speed's more important than looks eh?
  11. Right. In light of my changing parts wanted list I'm going to start a new thread as I can't edit the title of this one, I should put more thought into it.. Sorry to the mods for being messy, please feel free to delete this thread if you feel the need.
  12. Lilfuzzer: Thank you but we're to far apart to make it work, sorry. Jezza: My list has changed slightly as per my edit above. So your slam panel would be the only part I could use of that VR6. Let me know when it's in please.
  13. As per the title. I do have a bonnet but haven't had a chance to find it and check it over so not yet sure I need one. Paint is not important as the cars being resprayed but metal condition is. I can collect but am at the arse end of nowhere, Cornwall. Scratch that. I'll just be needing a slam panel, early n/s wing, headlight and grill. I thought I may as well fit late wings as I'm planning to widetrack the car. This work was going to be an insurance job but that's looking shaky so I'll probably just be getting the bare minimum of bits together and possibly doing it myself so the widetrack / abf plan's going to have to wait.. Panels in Inca Blue would be lovely, but then so would the moon on a stick..
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