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  1. one word.... legend - all sorted
  2. A sense of confidence reading your reply, I will give it a try.... Thankyou for the precise solution. Ramg60
  3. had a look and still a bit miffed.... Am going to a friend to investigate as I still dont have reverse and first you have to push down to select 1st! Will update my findings... Likewise, if you find out how, please let me / us know. Ta
  4. thanks very much, that info should do the trick. I have all new fitted yesterday gear components, lever, clips etc and still was had the same issue. At present I have no reverse and acidently parked in a space today to grab something from the shop and had to get help from locals to push me back! Did I feel like a a twat!! Thanks for this, will have a look in a bit.
  5. is the any adjustment to the gear linkage? Just replaced my entire gear linkage to standard from a B and M as couldnt select reverse or ist easily. Have to push down and left and be acurate to get 1st gear. Any ideas would be really appreciated.Regards
  6. i agree too, the worsed item anyone could buy... they said short shift, not no shift! Im going to change back to standard, just need all the bits to do that
  7. RamG60

    Short Shifts

    I have a B and M short shift which doesnt select gears properly. I have looked at trying to fix it but it just wont allow any adjustment. Does anyone use these short shofts or alternative? Regards Ramg60
  8. Also the car supplies power to windows if the door is open and engine off
  9. RamG60

    Sunroof motor

    Hi all, i have a replacement motor for the sunroof, can I just take off the housing and change the motor or does the roof lining need to come out or slide back? Sunroof opens, just doesnt close.Regards
  10. thanks all, it was the wire that should have been connected to the starter motor, hence we now have a complete circuit and my old alternator probably was fine. May aswell leave the new 1 on now. Shes charging!! lol. the head has had work and the new mechanic said the wires were not neatly fitted by the previous mechanic but all tidy now and connected. cheers
  11. the alternator is new, is this what you are refering to?it literally got put on today as that was my obvious starting point as to why the battery wasnt getting charged..... then went to halfords and changed the battery as the previous one was old and still no joy.
  12. is that the black part on the alternator? If so it came with it i believe...
  13. thanks for reply, we did rev the engine past 3000 rpm, but still the alternator was not charging the battery. I used to own a vr6 corrado many years ago and from memory could my issue be related to a relay or breakdown in wiring somewhere.... the obvious wiring looks good, it was raining and dark..... Managed to get the car home on the juice of the new battery!
  14. Hi all, Just picked up my G60 and there is a problem with battery charging. The alternator and battery have both been replaced today with new parts. Tested with a voltmeter and the alternator is not charging the battery. Anyone experienced this or got any suggestions as to what it might be!! Cheers in advance Rams
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