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  1. Nice one Chris - there was only a bit of the original soundproofing there when I fitted the silver stuff, I think it had all rotted away long ago! I had noticed quite a bit of condensation in the car recently, and it looks like you've found the cause, so you've solved two problems in one! Interested to see what difference the block and manifold make.
  2. Yeah this was my old car, liking the sounds of your plans Chris! Go for it! Really pleased it's pushing out 191bhp! That's actually more than I was expecting it to do. You'll get more out of it once you start fettling as well. Better change my avatar eh!! -->
  3. Indeed 8) Its mostly spent the last 2 days at work being oggled by everyone else in the yard! Going over to RK engineering tommorow for a run on the rollers and to check out the oil pressure so we can see whats what, and plan some proper fettling :wink: I'll get a bit of a members cars thread going tonite so,, if your interested, you can stick around and see where it goes! Nice one! Good luck with it - be interested to see what it's putting out power-wise.
  4. Will do! And the best thing is the G60 has gone to another forum member, so I know it's going to be well looked after.
  5. OK just an update for everyone who kindly gave their advice... Gone for a 2005 Leon Cupra R, one turned up at my local SEAT dealership, looked a minter, 43k miles, built-in satnav, recaros, stunning car really. The dealership were really good - the sales manager really wanted my Corrado, they even let me have the LCR for a few days to drive about in while they tried to sell the Corrado for me - pretty decent of them. Then Chris from Cornwall got in touch, drove up and bought the C, sad to see it go, but this is progress - and I absolutely love the LCR - so f*cking quick and the Brembos are terrifyingly good. Plus a kick-ass stereo, satnav, nice interior, decent lights for a change, and it's extremely easy to drive either as a pootling about daily, or get it on turbo and it flies. Perfect car for me right now. I'll miss the G60 - it was a peach by the time I'd finished ploughing money into it, but I don't want a "hobby car" anymore - too busy and family commitments on their way, I just need a nice, sporty but sensible car that I don't have to lay awake at night worrying about, and the LCR is it. So thanks to all for your help over the years guys, I'll be sticking around and posting occasionally - onwards and upwards!
  6. Let her drive what she wants! My wife's got a Mk4 polo which is a great little car, cheap as chips, easy to drive and has things called "Airbags", not sure what they are but apparently they're quite useful in the event of a crash. There's no way I'd have my wife driving around in a 15 year old, low-to-the-ground coupe with dodgy visibility, much as I love my C and all.
  7. You can always trust Tiff to abuse any car he drives, the guy is a tool.
  8. Cheers Jim - I've only been a passenger in the old shape (EP3) and to be honest I didn't think the build quality was so bad in that, so maybe it's gone downhill for the new model.
  9. That's interesting - I've always put 97RON in the G60, but I can't remember what it recommends in the handbook?
  10. But surely running an R32 on 95 is like buying a racehorse and feeding it Wotsits! That said, mate of mine has a Mazda RX8 and he reckons he gets about 17mpg out of it. Shocking! And it sounds like a milk float.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys! 200SX - wouldn't trust myself with a RWD car to be honest! I don't think I'm a good enough driver not to shove it up a tree. S2 - too old really, like I say I don't want a "hobby car" anymore, I just want something reliable and practical I can just drive and enjoy. R32 - I thought about this but the fuel costs put me off! Jag - just not practical enough. I need a decent sized boot for lugging musical equipment around on occasion.
  12. Well, just a bit of an update - had a bit of a change in circumstances since starting this thread (all good, I might add!) which means it's now looking likely that I'm going to be getting shot of the G60 in the near future. Be gutted to see her go, but I'd rather sell a totally sorted car to another enthusiast who can keep her in good nick, than gradually watch her deteriorate, and I just don't have the passion to keep fixing the little bits and pieces cars this age always need. I'll put up a for sale thread when I get some decent pics. As for my decision as to my next car? Well I've not been out test driving yet but on paper it's looking like a shortlist of Civic Type R, Audi S3 or Leon Cupra R. I just know I'll always miss the G60 though, just like I've always missed my Mk2 Golf GTI but you have to keep moving forward in life eh?
  13. I'm glad it wasn't just me that noticed her! They do tend to shuffle the fit birds to the front of the crowd, which gives us something better than Clarkson's craggy mug to look at.
  14. Hmm OK that makes sense. It was like this when I bought the car, I didn't move it there myself.
  15. Hello chums. Had the C serviced yesterday - thankfully nothing major was needed but my mechanic pointed out that my air filter was pretty soggy, obviously the rain coming off the road going up through my cold air intake in the lower bumper. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening?
  16. I've got aftermarket rear lights too - another thing to check!
  17. In my case it must be water ingress because when I come to the car first thing in the morning, it's already totally steamed up.
  18. If it's rattling why not adjust the latch mech?? :wink: Believe me I have - I have to slam the boot hard 3-4 times to get it to catch, so I can't tighten it up anymore! Like the idea of filling any gaps in the boot seal, that's a good quick fix, also will investigate the foliage seal as I'm pretty sure this hasn't been looked at. Rear wiper has been removed, but not by me. Might investigate and see if the washer pipe hasn't been blocked off properly. Also, cheers for the heater/sunroof idea, sounds like a good one to actually get the moisture out of the car rather than just move it around!
  19. Hm yeah, I have some bags of silica gel in the car already (one in the front, one in the back) and if they've helped it's not much.
  20. Nice one dude, I'll get some at the weekend!
  21. Still no obvious source, although my boot does rattle when it's cold (I imagine it's the seal contracting and leaving room for it to wiggle about), so it's possible the boot just isn't properly sealed.
  22. Right, thanks guys - off out to have a prod about while there's still some light!
  23. I didn't, do you mean between the seal and the part of the car it's mounted to?
  24. Thanks dude, only if you've got your bonnet open. Regarding uprated looms, is there only one type, or are there a few ways to do it?
  25. Ah interesting, I have a dodgy connection on a fuse holder in mine which I'm going to sort this weekend... could be related? How many fuses are there in the loom, and are they all inline?
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