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  1. thanks for reply, yes i'm replacing everything, just didn't know if Febi were reliable.
  2. I have bought a set of Febi rear wheel bearings for vr6, does anyone have any feedback on the quality of this part or could recommend an oem part. thanks
  3. mine done this after it was unused for a couple of years, try moving windows down manually with your hands to free them, they sometimes get stuck because of lack of use.
  4. I've fitted bmw e30 wipers to my late model without any problems, no rubbing, so there might be a slight difference in models.
  5. as the title says, when ordering parts they are for the right or left hand side,is this when your looking at car from the front or sitting in drivers seat, rhd car. thanks
  6. Sprinter53 on this forum was doing them, good quality.
  7. Sorted,turns out it's a 10mm x 24.5 x 1.5 pitch,thanks for info.
  8. I'm replacing the guard on rear wheels, turns out a bit of a nightmare,the calliper bolts are rotten so had to use irwin bolt removers, 2 bolts have snapped on guard so i'm drilling them out but i need to know the pitch of the 10mm thread to re-tap the holes, the bolts are 10 x 24.5 but it doesn't mention the pitch, can anyone throw some light on this. thanks
  9. tried this a couple of years ago and they offered me £1700 for a 1996 46000mls vr6.
  10. Welcome to the forum Ron.
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