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  1. There was a guy on ebay selling the modified Ford master cylinder. You can use your original reservoir with it. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  2. Another option : https://moman.pl/en/home/877-1918-volkswagen-corrado-heater-control-panel.html#/190-lighting_color-blue/191-lighting_color-white_sky_blue/192-lighting_color-light_green/193-lighting_color-aquamarine/296-version-after_lifting \Paddy
  3. Sharing this in case others haven't seen it. Some nice comments aswell. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/retro/today-were-mostly-missing-volkswagen-corrado?amp \Paddy
  4. I've used them before for corrado and mk3 golf and they are good quality. \Paddy
  5. If you don't source one here there are a few on ebay at the moment. \Paddy
  6. Great thread for inspiration and motivation. \Paddy
  7. Try put a vicegrip on it, putting a screwdriver/nail between the vicegrip and the hub to create a fulcrum and then hitting the vicegrip with a hammer, hitting it towards the hub. The shock from hitting it should help get it out a bit and you can get a large screwdriver /prybar behind it once you get it out a bit. If you tape the screwdriver/nail to the vicegrip it will free up a hand and make it easier. Hope that makes sense. \Paddy
  8. I'd also like to put my name into the mix for these. I would give 20gbp donation to the forum plus pay shipping costs. \Paddy
  9. paddy26


    There are 3 but I think you only need to remove the middle one and the passenger side one. If you pm me your WhatsApp I can send you a pic of the locations. \Paddy
  10. There is a guide for the conversion here: DIY: 02A ---> 02J Shifter conversion for VR6/SLC Cars https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?t=5820143 \Paddy
  11. I've swapped my turret for o2j type. I didn't do anything special when swapping over the tower. \Paddy
  12. Found this from a quick search. https://images.app.goo.gl/TDbHQK42KqRjyarq7 \Paddy
  13. I'm in the airport so I can't recheck now but I got the info above after reading the gamma radio wiring diagram. If you Google for it you should be able to find it. I'll check it later myself anyway. \Paddy
  14. Do you only have 5 wires(ub+, safe, gnd, illumination, s-cont) connected to the power connector in the back of the radio? I would remove power connector from the rear of the headunit. With key removed from ignition and light switch set to off test voltage at all pins in the power harness. Only ub+(red/white) and safe(colour?, beside ub+) should have 12v. Insert key and turn to acc and test all pins again. Only Ub+, safe and s-cont(red/yellow should have 12v. Then turn on light switch and check that there is power to illumination pin(grey/blue). \Paddy
  15. Hi Steve. I'll take this but I will need to have it shipped. I'll pm you to discuss. \Paddy
  16. The bam inlet only changes the routing of the intercooler pipes. I forgot to take pics of the ports that I have blanked on the tip. There are 2. 1 low down near the turbo and 1 at the top. I eventually found the guide I had bookmarked for this process: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?t=3111538 \Paddy
  17. One option is to upgrade to the o2j system. Maybe this is what you mean by new ones. There is a good guide here: https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?t=3344454 \Paddy
  18. I've uploaded a few photos here: http://s696.photobucket.com/user/paddyc26/library/20v I'm in the process of fitting new charge pipe and engine cover and rerouting some wiring/hoses so it's a bit of a mess at the moment. I can't find my original tip to see if it had outlet near turbo inlet like yours but I'm pretty sure it had. TIP has 3 connections : puck valve for pcv system, n75, diverter valve 5 Inlet manifold vacuum ports in use: brake booster, fuel pressure regulator, diverter valve, pcv system, n75 No outlets on hot side of turbo. \Paddy
  19. I'll try and get some pics tomorrow evening. Have you got the silicone tip already? \Paddy
  20. I have that blanked on my tip and have used a different inlet on the tip for the n75. For the charge pipe trackslag give an option with single outlet if you have done the cold side relocate of the diverter valve. \Paddy
  21. I also have auq in my rado. I'm not sure on the stock setup as I have simplified the vacuum pipe setup (Google 1.8t delete) but my n75 goes to tip, inlet manifold (vacuum) and wastegate actuator. \Paddy
  22. I didn't have any clearance issues with the master cylinder but I did upgrade to a focus master cylinder when I installed the brembos. \Paddy
  23. Hi fendervg. It's a 16v converted to 1.8t. The abs was acting up before I restored it and I removed it as part of the restoration a few years ago. Currently running brembos with a manual brake bias valve for the rear but looking to add back abs now and taking the opportunity to upgrade to the more reliable teves 20 system. Niall has just got back to me and he has a loom so hopefully I'm sorted now. Thanks again for the lead. \Paddy
  24. Thanks fendervg. I'm in the midlands so not far from Niall. I'll pm him. Most of autostadt have moved to Facebook which I'm not on so I miss out on a lot now. \Paddy
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