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  1. Hello mate. Is your G60 still for sale please? Thanks. Sam


  2. So after being off the road for two years in my garage in Swindon it looks like I'm going to be working away for longer than expected and it is time to sell up. The good; Drive train and running gear is all good and lots of uprated parts including KW V1s Einbach front and back Poly bushes all round VR 1st, 2nd and 5th gears Charge cooler system Uprated fuel regulator, pump, filter, lines, rail and injectors Battery relocated to boot Full black leather interior The not so good; Damage to rear nearside arch Rust on front offside wing Someone jacked the car on the sills... So they will need some work More details and pictures to come My old thread with details on the car http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?39771-g60karmann-s-g60-The-Latest Lots of spare parts including offside front wing £1500 ono
  3. 28, had the g60 for 6 years, sadly the g60 looks like it is going to retire this year though :(
  4. I can't see it in your list, but just in case, do you have the PAS pump mount?
  5. bump any news on progress? any parts needed or tasks that I can take on to get this moving?
  6. Are the front wings, bonnet, slam panel and tailgate in good condition. Also if the bumper hasn't already gone and the panels are all in good rust free condition, then I am interested in the lot, price dependant of course.
  7. Bump! Still in need until this fibre glass group by gets sorted
  8. If you already have the door handle repair kit from this forum http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?10426-Door-handle-repair-kit-THEY-ARE-NOW-AVAILABLE&highlight=door+handle+repair and you are not interested in key entry, then the B3 Passat rear door handles are readily available for very little money : - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-PASSAT-B3-35i-88-93-REAR-DOOR-HANDLE-RH-/170280369433?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27a5803d19#ht_1157wt_952 I bought a rear right hand handle from this Polish ebay seller and the delivery was fast and for £12.49 delivered really bloody cheap! Recent update! In fact just after writing this I have ordered a LH door handle as well :) has been getting a little sticky and fed up of reminding passenger they have to make sure it closes before getting in!
  9. Ok been a while... well bought a house (shell of a house, with a massive garage!) back in Jan 2010 and spent the last two years renovating the house. Complete new floors, walls, Ceilings, wiring, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom the lot, but sadly ignoring the Corrado. Now the house is done, well except for that one room :) I'm moving to kitting out the garage and sorting out the ageing Corrado body work. I'm getting a friend to replace the O/S complete sill, but I'm also after the following if anyone has them going (all late spec and have to be in reasonable dent, rust free condition, if they are already in Aqua Blue even better!) : - - Front Bumper - Front Slam Panel - O/S Front Wing - N/S Front Wing - Bonnet I was looking at the fibre glass panel threads that appeared recently again, this always seems to pop up and then fizzle away, but if anyone knows of a good supplier I would be tempted to spend my bonus :) By the way has anyone else had this happen when using the BBM solid front mount : -
  10. If you still have both the wings, bonnet and the front bumper and they are in reasonable rust free condition I will take them? Has the tailgate got any chips, dings or scratches?
  11. Nice idea, but I think you may need a bigger kit for wings and bonnets ;) be good for a few of the dash parts people on this thread have been interested in
  12. Very interested in Late FG front wings and bonnet. Maybe tailgate depending on the price?
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