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  1. Just remember you will need to pay the Vat on top, the UK shipping agent will send you the bill.
  2. I did check with Pelican that it was a 4 bar pump and they confirmed it was. Bought from the US in the end after getting fed up of Uk supplies saying they had them in stock taking the order then 3 weeks later saying they don’t.
  3. Ordered one from these guys recently and they responded to all my questions to confirm VAG/VDO part numbers , arrived all ok albeit it took a month to actually arrive.
  4. Have been using Comma G48 for the last 20 years simple because that is what they always recommend never really thought about using G12+, G13 in a pre 96 car. I can certainly see the advantages of the more modern fluid. Are the original Corrado radiators all aluminium? For some unbeknown reason I assumed they had some copper in them and therefore thought the later fluid’s weren’t suitable. Time for a change I reckon.
  5. Literally just unplugged it then plugged it back in. It was correctly located so I can only assume there was some corrosion on the terminals not that it was obvious. Either that or there is a loose connection in the plug itself. Anyway the problem appears to have been resolved and I now have a spare for another obsolete part.😀
  6. Quick update. Got as far as unplugging the sensor ready to remove strip down and re-solder then changed my mind and decided to wait for the second hand backup part to arrive. Plugged it back together and not seen the fault since. Considering the ABS light was coming on every journey before and i have since done about 20 trips covering about 500 miles with no light i reckon that fixed it! Note to self Always try the simple things before assuming the worst. (Not that this has worked very often in 20yrs of ownership)
  7. Cheers m8 much appreciated👍
  8. Just managed to get a golf mk3 vr6 servo of eBay which has the same sensor. At least I will have a backup If it all goes Pete Tong especially as this is my daily at the moment. Will post some pics if I manage to get it apart.
  9. So my ABS light keeps coming on intermittently, then goes off after a restart. Quick scan showed a 00793 code for brake pedal position sensor ( 357927810). I am aware this part is no longer available and I know the standard fix is to dissemble the switch and re-solder the two terminals but has anyone got any tips on how to remove the end cap of the switch without destroying it. Looking at various forums including Volvo it appears to be glued together. Everybody says it is a bugger to remove but know one actually says how they did it. Alternatively does anyone have one they want to sell?
  10. Arrived today thank you! Very pleased and great quality, my old Rayne Automotive loom will inevitably now go into storage along with the two shed full of corrado bits I will never need.
  11. The ADY is a great motor, change the oil regularly and its bomb proof plus you can get 40 mpg out of it which makes it a great daily driver. Over 18yrs I ran mine up to over 340k with nothing but the usual service items before some git in a Citroen DS murdered it.
  12. Ha Ha good point i must remember I'm not driving an 8V any more !!
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