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  1. The ADY is a great motor, change the oil regularly and its bomb proof plus you can get 40 mpg out of it which makes it a great daily driver. Over 18yrs I ran mine up to over 340k with nothing but the usual service items before some git in a Citroen DS murdered it.
  2. Ha Ha good point i must remember I'm not driving an 8V any more !!
  3. I see Michelin have launched a new 15" tyre . Good to see another premium offering in the old sizes and the price isn't bad either. https://www.vintagetyres.com/shop/tyres/michelin-pilot-exalto-pe2-set-of-4-tyres-195-50r15-82v
  4. This is the one I bought from my dealer for £61.94 in July part number 7M0-128-101. Perhaps I was just really lucky and they had old stock sat on the shelf. Ford did have stock at the time but like I said it was a 4wk wait and £85. Might ring the dealer tomorrow and see if he has any more!
  5. Definitely not. The tube on the breather that connects it to the rocker cover often splits or is damaged by people over tightening a jubilee clip. It looks like someone has attempted to repair it.
  6. Bought a new one of these from VW dealer a couple of months ago for about £60 i think, only had to wait a couple of days for it. Buying this part from a Ford dealer used to be the recommendation but they wanted over £85 with a 4wk wait.
  7. Thanks for the reply's. I have checked for any intake leaks including the evap operation and everything seems ok. The only real symptom of anything amiss is a lumpy idle. The inlet manifold is quite scruffy so when i pull that to clean it up it makes sense to have the injectors done. Mr injector is just down the road and at £17/ injector its not extortionate . The MAF, temp sensors, crank sensor, o2 sensor,coil, ignition leads, plugs, timing chains were all replaced 500 miles ago with genuine or branded parts when I re-commissioned the car. The throttle body is clean. I have now fitted the new FPR but still have the 00561 code no other codes are showing up, so more diagnostics required. Anything worth checking on VCDS? Incidentally i purchased a new PCV valve from VW a month ago with next day delivery, Ford wanted £82 with a 2wk delivery, i thought it used to be the other way around?
  8. I have been chasing a 00561 (Mixture Adaptation: Adaptation Limit (Add) Exceeded) error code for some time now and unable to clear it. The MAF is a new Bosch unit and I can’t find any air leaks in the intake system so my attention has turned to the fuel system. The car was in storage for many years so I am now thinking I have a faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) or bad injector. I don’t currently have the means to test fuel pressure and as new Bosch FPR is cheap as chips I ordered one anyway. The new FPR which is listed on every website as being suitable for a 2.9 VR6 but has a different part number to the original and also has some visible differences. The most obvious is the return fuel port being considerably smaller in diameter. Original VW 078133534A Bosch 0280160516 New VW 078133534C Bosch 0280160575 Both are rated a 4Bar but has anyone fitted this new Bosch part? The original Bosch number doesn’t throw up anything on google except links to the new number or pre-owned ones. To confuse things further Autodoc list a load of alternatives for 078133534A some of which look like the original some of which look like the new but they do not list a Bosch part. However, if you search the new 078133534c you do get the Bosch option and a load of different alternatives all of which are listed as being suitable for the VR6. Would you fit the new one or buy a Pieburg equivalent (7.22017.50.0) of 078133534A which at least looks like the original.
  9. Thanks much appreciated, last time my VR was on the road you could still walk into a dealers and buy them, as they have survived 15 years in storage i am keen to protect them now its back on the road, especially as the roads around me are more like farm tracks these days. What about headlights are the heritage covers worth investing in or do they look naff, loads of pictures of the covers not so many with them fitted.
  10. Has anyone fitted the Hella fog light covers sold by rdplastics on ebay. Are they any good? Are there any other alternatives? The description is a bit confusing as it specifically states for phase 2/ face lift Corrado but also says "Warning: covers perfectly fit early model fog lights, fitment to late model fog lights is not confirmed." https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143687271519
  11. When I bought my car in the summer it had this fault and it was a nightmare to drive. Nothing like rolling onto a busy roundabout and losing your engine and steering plus it started to kangaroo up the road under acceleration. After doing numerous scans checking all the intake pipework and throttle body dash pot and replacing various ignition components the fault persisted. I was convinced it was the maf despite the voltage readings being in tolerance. After fitting a new JP maf i still had the problem and after reading on here about problems with after market maf sensors i then purchased a genuine bosch sensor. Problem solved!😀 I would also check first that you have a good voltage at the battery (over 13v) when the engine is running. A dodgy charging circuit causing low voltage can cause all sorts of weird faults.
  12. All sold except for 8v engine (code ADY) and gearbox (code CGY) now £100 for both.
  13. Hi, yes everything still available. If you are still interested pm me and i can send you some more details.
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