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  1. Im all for an uncomfortably hard ride so i think it will be ok lol, i dont think it will handle any worse than it does now to be honest it feels like a 4x4 compared to my old mk2 which was on its ass!!
  2. I no this is slightly off topic but how much difference did you see in useing a KR cam?
  3. Ok cool thanx for the advise boys!!!
  4. i dont suppose you no the best places to find such things as exhaust maniflods and maybe throttle bodies? or just the best place to find stuff for Rado's in general?? thanks very much for the advise much appreciated! i had an 8v mk2 gti previous so 16v is fairly new to me!!! thanks again!
  5. Im lookin to lower the rado 60mm on 15's (until i get some Borbet A's) is this excessive?
  6. At the mo im just seeing what options i've got, i want to change to inlet cam to a KR, and get it all set up mint, i've already got the 50mm inlet manifold so dont need 1 of them, im also after a descent manifold and exhaust system, basically i want to get the engine to breath the best i can without major work, eventually i will get the head ported and polished aswell, i like NA engines so i want to get the most power without any form of forced induction, if you have any advice or idea's i am all ears as they say!!!
  7. Any1 no a website where i can find a vernier pulley for 9a?? or is the cam pulley the same as a KR??
  8. there are loads of different fitments availiable, check out http://www.dubmeister.co.uk
  9. I wanted to take some at the same time but the camera went flat straight after id taken those 2 pics!!!! :( will post some up asap!
  10. just a couple of pic's before i start to ad my own touches! please ignore the nice wheeley bin in the back ground lol
  11. Thanks thats pretty much hitn the nail on whta i wanted to no!! i think these are the muts nuts when it comes to audi wheels!!! looks awesome on your golf mate!!! rare to see a mk3 anniverary to!! Lol i no exactly what you mean i've seen a mint set of these on an every day TT!!!
  12. You need to have installed the correct version, what version is it you've installed? on every version of ELSA there are approx 10 years worth of models, so for every new model the old 1's dissapear. Version 3.0 is the 1 you need!! hope that helps.
  13. Yeah i have KE-jetronic! does this make putting KR cams in a problem?
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