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  1. ***SOLD*** R32 1993 Dark Pearl Burgundy Corrado - £3500 ono With regret, I need to pass my beloved car onto a new owner. It's a fantastic drive, and has been extremely fun in the last few months on the occasion I've chosen to take it for a spin. Vehicle Mileage: 188,000 Engine Mileage: ~25,000 (Seller of engine claimed 10k, no reason to disbelieve this, 15k covered since) Engine MKV R32 3.2l 24v VR6 - Remapped by Vince at Stealth Racing to 290.8 BHP!! BMC CDA intake Poly front engine mount Dubpower 6 branch stainless manifold Magnex (standard VR6) exhaust New parts including MAF, Lambdas, Radiator, ECU, Throttle Pedal Suspension & Drivetrain 288mm Brake upgrade MKIV Rear Calipers KW V2 Suspension Upgraded control arm bushes (R32 golf) All subframe & drivetrain components replaced over the last 3 years, including wheel bearings, brake discs/pads, suspension bushes, rear beam bushes and complete brake overhaul, handbrake cables. Body & Exterior Restoration work on boot around windscreen, number plate surround, both wings, sills (done in 2014) Inpro lights all round, not to everyone's taste and unfortunately do not have any standard parts (bought from previous owner this way) Upgraded headlight loom Black BBS RC 17" wrapped in Toyo T1Rs (genuine wheels) Spoiler has been serviced and works. Sunroof hasn't been serviced but still works! Interior Momo steering wheel JVC stereo Used as a daily by me for a number of years both before and after the new engine. Had a lot of love and care over the years, with all work completed to a high standard by myself or others I took it off the road from September 2015 until November 2018. Since November, it's regained an MOT and has been used on weekends and evenings and when not in use it's garaged. Whilst I've been using it these last few months, I've had various things done including; New Battery, Alternator and starter motor (all bosch/varta) New front offside outer CV New clutch slave cylinder (in the last 3 months alone, it's had around £1300 spent on it!) Negatives The windscreen has a crack on both sides. It's not in a position to cause a failed MOT, but it will need replacing. There are two areas of rust that will need sorting; One spot is on the inside of the A-Pillar approximately 1 or two inches, it had always been my intention to get the windscreen replaced and fix this rust at the same time. Underneath and adjacent to the rear badge are two spots bubbling, approximately the size of a 20p piece each. Rust wise, this is pretty much it. There is none in the usual other places, like under the filler cap, wings and sills. These have already been restored around 4 years ago to a high standard. Reason for sale: This needs to go on to someone who has the time to make it perfect. I have put a lot of time and money into this car, but want to hang up the hat. It is a fantastic car and I will miss it greatly, it will give the new owner a great amount of enjoyment. £3500 ono Located in Leicester. Contact me on here or by email: [email protected] with any questions! Recent video of it running: [video=youtube_share;5dFu_Dt0SzY] 20190625_171849 by Fanjita2009, on Flickr 20190326_135711 by Fanjita2009, on Flickr 20190326_135757 by Fanjita2009, on Flickr 20190815_122551 by Fanjita2009, on Flickr Build thread below http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=43612
  2. That's mental! Yeah, ok, don't do that then!
  3. I should update my location! I'm in the Midlands now :(
  4. I recall you mentioning, this was degenerative over a year (or so) of having the new ecu. Pretty sure the water caused it! But I'll keep an eye on it, thanks mate
  5. It didn't look too bare, but I probably would benefit from sticking a thick layer on! Where abouts are you based?
  6. Well, That's all done! Mk4 brakes on, brake lines the usual challenge! Then I found this, evidence of water damage. For the second time! Needless to say I've cleaned it up and stuck my ecu in a plastic bag! Pretty certain this was causing my pedal dropouts.
  7. It is very good! But yeah, nothing like an induction roar you get from the 12v...Sometimes you hear the 24v really open the taps fully and you get that roar! But then it doesn't last long, the ecu hardly ever allows WoT :(
  8. So about a week ago, I left the corrado parked outside. On my return it had decided to create a nice big puddle of brake fluid under the rear offside wheel. Going to take the leap and upgrade to mk4 calipers. Also my offside dipped and full beams have stopped working. I have the relay kit, is this likely to be at fault?
  9. Thanks Tom, I'll have a set then please! Should I PM you? James
  10. Hi Tom, Any chance you have any sets left? Also, do they come with the Banjo bolts? James
  11. I also have a question. Having standard everything (gbox, drivetrain) attached to a 290 bhp engine, is there anything I should be concerned about? Things like the cv joints, driveshafts, are they up to the extra power? Just making sure!
  12. If Mark actually works on the car itself, then maybe it will work out of the box. The issues I've had were completely avoidable had he have done the wiring properly. It got to the point where I actually got the wiring diagrams and rewired my lambda sensors, which were all wrong. Maybe it was lost in communication (wired it for a mk4 when mine is a mk5). There were other issues too. He might be alright now mate!
  13. I am Jim! Live in the north part by the ricoh, work at Coventry airport mon/Tues and Stratford the rest!
  14. This is very true! I will keep it with me at my new home, and see how it goes.... I will be commuting in it, so there's that!
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