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  1. SOLD! thanks for the interest & sorry to the guys who missed out...only fair to give it to the first guy to ask...
  2. Hi mate I CANNOT GUARANTEE IT but I believe it to be a drivers side handle..this is only via comparing pics with used handles on ebay...I thought somebody here would know straight away? Still for sale either way & you can contact me directly on 07546122277 or via email @ [email protected] cheers Lee
  3. Brand new exterior door handle Brand new unused Corrado exterior door handle...been lying in my garage for a few years but has never been on a car & my love affair with corrados has now come to an end....I'm not 100% certain what side this was for I think its drivers side but could be wrong I'm sure one of you gurus will confirm from my pics...?50+post @ ?10 no offers or ?50 free collection from ky7 5dn List Date: 3/22/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Brand new exterior door handle -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?50.00 -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Brand new exterior door handle Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  4. Thanks mate....will manage now :notworthy:
  5. Hey Kempy, how do you get the screenshots from ps3 to pc mate?.......sorry if its a dumb question but only had the ps3 a couple of weeks :shrug: Would love to get a few shots of my lotus yellow veyron up with some airbrake/spoiler action....kept me entertained for hours watching my B-spec driver fly round in it.
  6. Ive been hammering this myself over the past few nights, level 20 in A-spec & 14 in B-spec. now & Ive just got my hands on the Pagani Zonda R & the Veyron so now the fun can really begin :afro: Im toiling now with the wet weather challenges, need to keep it on the track but with enough pace & my style would be seen as a bit "Mcrae" :eek: :D
  7. Just bought a ps3 & a new telly to play gt5 on.......only get peace to play in the wee small hours so have only managed to get to level 17 so far heres my "racing rig" again feel free to add me on psn....GASCO313 :wave:
  8. Didnt know that mate :notworthy: Every days a school day :D 8) I was a spotty teenager in the 80s though & had err..other things on my mind :lol:
  9. Sure I read the other day that F1 cars engines are going down from 2.4ltr to 1.6ltr turbo :shock: in 2012 so you must be able to achieve some power with the right turbo etc. Sounds crazy though to think an F1 car running with a paltry 1.6 :cuckoo:
  10. After recently changing the engine in my valver Im after a bit of confirmation Ive got the vacuum hoses "plumbed up" correctly, car runs fine but Id like to be 100% sure theyre right, I think there used to be a sticker on mk2 golfs that showed you where they went but the rado doesnt have one :shrug: The car in question is a 1990 with a KR engine Actual pictures would be most helpful but a diagram or a good description will do cheers
  11. More than likely the oil pressure sensor switch is knackered mate although the 1.8t engine does suffer from sludge/carbon fouling up the oil pick up strainer so this is also a possibility, I would change the switch 1st though, theyre not expensive
  12. Is that like the twilight zone? I feel the same way... nearest C according to the map is Glasgow! err cough cough :scratch: I only have the 2 rados too :lol:
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