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  1. Undo the UJ and pull it away there?
  2. Yea pulleys are standard, I have tried two different sets of hoses with the exact same problem on both (so I would say no and no hoses seem to be squashing anywhere) column seized, not sure how to check this? Was something else that I was going to look at but didn't know how to go about it
  3. As far as I know I've fitted and bled the pumps correctly. Had the car off the ground, filled the reservoir until it's at max, span the pump by hand to make sure there was fluid in it and then started the car and kept an eye on the level. And then gradually worked it side to side. Dropped it back down and done it again!
  4. I'm sad! And sulking, rack was sent to GB automotive in osset but they had it built for them, the rack I got originally was a rebuild and then the rack I got second time was my rack (the one that I sent back for the surcharge) rebuilt and sent back. They said they are tested before being shipped. It wasn't left stood so no chance of the seals going weird. Gonna try find this pump I have of Dave's and try it again! We stripped one side coilovdr and the bearing is dead but this isn't just notchy. It's completely solid
  5. Was stripped down to a bare rack and loose pipes but I think the pipework is bent so it won't fit another way, maybe someone has a picture of the rack from under their car so I could check it Possibly, isn't something I have checked, wonder what they could be binding against?
  6. Can they be put on wrong? They way they look I aren't sure they can
  7. Still no joy, no steering, filled and drained of fluid a good few times, put a new rack on, new pipes, fitted a new pump and also a genuine one that works...... Any more ideas
  8. If you already have your hanger for the display then you can come and pay on the gate for the day. If you haven't registered come and pay on the gate and say your on the display, I'm sure we could sort something out :)
  9. Jim were you coming for the day or for a short weekend! You can buy day tickets on the gate
  10. Camping area cordoned off for people wanting it, when you come into the main camping field go all the way to the end staying close to the fence and it's on the right hand side, if anyone isn't sure then send me a text or call on 07872531802 cheers
  11. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, today is your last chance!
  12. As kip says come along with a passenger, that's your best bet, halves fuel costs :)
  13. Yea fingers crossed we can finally get these cars together!
  14. Same again had a badly rotten a pillar from a badly removed previous screw, got it sorted and the auto windscreens manager form York insisted on coming himself because he wanted it to be fitted perfectly
  15. Yup, new pump new pipes and the only other thing is the rack
  16. Steering is driving me mad, got a new rack coming on Monday which will be getting fitted next week
  17. Swiftkid what about the brocks
  18. Other than burn it, if this doesn't sort it I'm really stumped
  19. Come on! Gotta get this ready it's come so far! I'm determined to get mine there
  20. 3 pumps, full set of pipework, back to a genuine original pump after 2 brand new ones, can't be anything but the rack
  21. The steering seems to bleed fine, steering is perfect after being filled for about 2 mins and then it feels like the belt has come off, the steering is that heavy
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