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  1. There was a group buy being put together for scoping out a potential remanufacture of these. At the last count there were roughly 60 names on the list but by the looks of things this still wasn't sufficient to get thing moving and it's come to a stop unfortunately. These remain one of the biggest challenges when getting a car resprayed and I think the only option at the moment is to fit used ones (which often get bent when removing) or try to mod some from other vehicles which is a further challenge in itself.
  2. I haven't actually fitted them yet as I'll be fitting along with some new plugs at the next service. So unfortunately I can't confirm for certain I'm afraid. I'm fairly confident they'll be the correct length though as they are the exact same kit part number that I've fitted before and they were a perfect fit. Annoyingly I've currently got Bremi ones installed otherwise I'd post some pictures to show you how the Beru ones fit. Apologies this probably isn't giving you the definitive answer you were after!
  3. https://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/beru-ignition-cable-kit-zef1260 Not a bad price either.
  4. FYI I've managed to buy some Beru leads. It seems they are still available for coilpack VRs but obsolete for earlier distributor VRs. Most places don't stock them unfortunately so they need to be back ordered from the manufacturer. Beru part number ZEF1260.
  5. I've previously used Beru leads for the same reasons you mention. They've always been reliable and as far as I understand were an OE supplier of ignition components to VW back in the day so should be a safe bet. Mine's also due some leads soon so interested to know others opinions. Cheers, Jon
  6. Hi all For sale is a set of new reproduction roof gutter trims made by Karmannski from this forum. These are brand new and have never been fitted as I have recently bit the bullet and bought some new OEM ones from VW heritage so I no longer need them. They are complete with the end mouldings ready to fit. £100 delivered within the UK (recorded delivery). Cheers Jon
  7. The Worley ones on ebay seem to be the GPI Racing ones mentioned earlier in this thread (the detailed description mentions GPI Racing so I guess Worley are just distributors). Ultimately these are Chinese produced radiators so difficult to advise on quality but people on here seem to have had relatively good experience with them and the guys at Stealth also said they thought they were fairly good too. It's worth nothing they are missing the top bracket lugs so will need some modification to mount properly to the slam. They'll unlikely last as long as the original radiators but I also expect they are better than a lot of the mechanically jointed aftermarket options out there through the likes of Euro Car parts. Just a shame we can't get the Marston or Hella ones anymore. Without many other options out there these days, these all aluminium ones are probably the best option we have apart from having a bespoke radiator made by a racing manufacturer. And for that you'd be looking at serious money.
  8. Great effort Keyo. I was at Stealth last week booking my car in for a similar refresh and took the opportunity to have a quick look at yours on the ramp. You must be well pleased as it looks fantastic.
  9. Resurrecting an old thread here on the off-chance these are still available? I'm in need of a full set for my VR6. If not, does anyone know anybody who does manufacture original spec steel lines? I'd rather not go down the copper route if I can help it. Cheers, Jon
  10. Great stuff thanks Chris. Let me know about the sill trim but I'll definitely take the upper door card trim if that's ok? PM me the cost and payment details when convenient. Cheers, Jon
  11. Hi All. I'm doing a bit of a refresh on the interior so I'm after a couple of parts to replace ones that are broken. The first part is a drivers RH side inner sill trim in black (Part number 5358533704FB). I'd like it to be in good condition with no cracks and all clips underneath in tact. Also after a passengers LH upper door card trim in black as mine has the common crack along the top surface. Part number 535868503A 01C. Many thanks, Jon
  12. No longer needed as G60Knight sorted me a replacement. Thanks mate.
  13. As the title suggests I'm after a late drivers side headlight glass in good condition after a stone has gone through mine. I've had a look through the breaking threads and parts for sale but can't seem to find anything. Cheers all Jon
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