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  1. Whats a good price for a water pump change, ABS sensor change, MOT and oil service? Got a few but they all seem very high....worryingly one receptionist asked 'What is a corrodo?'
  2. The guide says I need to take the engine off its mounts to do that though....Doesn't sound like fun lol I'll give it a go next time I have a free weekend :)
  3. What items run off of the water pump belt...? I have a water leak down that side of the engine (VR6) and want to get it sorted this weekend....Water is splashing off the pullleys but I have no clue what item its comming from...? Any ideas?
  4. Im upstairs in the engineering department I have seen your car around salisbury...Mines in the carpark at the moment...broken :(
  5. lol it is common knowledge I belive...so I don't think they can sue me lol http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/spysh ... us_rs.html As for engine parts....Here at my factory we only make production air filters and cylinder head covers. We do have a stock of oil filters for the rado and i can get cheap pistons Head gaskets ect but they wont let me bulk buy (I have already checked!) And the 100mpg vw engine I have no idea about, we dont deal with vw on this site....but I bet the oil companys would pay billions for them NOT to make it!
  6. I work for MAHLE (Make engine bits) and were quoting for the new RS Focus. This think is going to be savage!, there talking about 320 horsepower and 4wd....This will be the next cult car without a doubt! just thought you petrolheads should know....lol
  7. Thank god, my engine is fine....Water in the electrics....from a leaky water pump :) Thank god! Now to find that oil leak...
  8. I do have a habbit of being very pesamistic, I'm going to spend my lunch hour trying to find the fault...but at the moment its nothing obvious....The HG seems fine though...hmmmmness.... I would love a 24v turbo engine....it all seems very complicated though... I'll go check at lunch what the fault is before i jump the gun 8)
  9. Good source for a new engine. My VR6 decided to die the other day...Water streaming from somewhere with a seperate pool of oil....:( It sounds like its going to be expensive, I was just wondering whats a good price / source for a new ish VR6...Do vw still supply them? I say this as im going to need to balance this price against a rebuild..... Its all very sad :(
  10. i just started the car to see whats what (Its been laid up in the car park at work for some time) idled funny for a minute, then i restarted. everything seemed fine but after another minute it died. Looked under the car and there is a small pool of oil seperate from a stream of water....I renewed the HG a few weeks ago...so now it looks like new engine time :(
  11. the system is pressurised when hot, the cap should have a symbol on warning you not to attempt to open it! :shock: I don't play by the rules, I just get the job done 8) 8) 8) haha
  12. I have been having some real big cooling problems since i got this car...The system slowly looses water over a period of 2-3 weeks so I probally do need to change the thermostat and housing...A nice job for the weekend. I think whilst im down there ill do the coilpack and aux water pump as well.... I have owned this car for 12 weeks....In that time I have driven it for 4 haha I got bummed hard!!
  13. Is there a guide anywhere on how to change this? Cheers 8)
  14. In a VR6, when the engine is warm...is it normal for the header tank to boil over if you open it?
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