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  1. as said by Wazz - I had the maxi cozy Pebble too - it was completely fine. Fitted in better then the missus Mk5 golf. And he was in that for over a year, so you've that time frame to play with. And the boots plenty big for pushchair and few baby bags. I had two 6x9's in the parcel shelf (spare one, kept the original uncut!) and apart from the wires catching once or twice it worked a treat and still sounded awesome. It really is a practical enough car as long as you allow for nothing massive or major. Tbh, all the gear I can through into the S4 for a day out would still fit fine into the 'raddo. Plus I take it the corrado will only have to 'go into family man mode' a few times a month, so not like it'll start annoying you into a, (urgh, threw up a bit there)...into a Bora!
  2. Anyone remember that episode? Where an old jag XJ-S had been fully moderised and given a new lease of life? If you do, I can bet you were thinking the exact same as me!!! Getting the full works done on your 'raddo!! Imagine, handing the keys over (and small matter of probably £20k!!) and getting back a brand spanking new Corrado!!! I was thinking at first, 'oh, get cruise control, get Sat Nav & parking sensors etc etc, then I thought, no way. I'd want mine back as it left the factory. But in fairness, even those of use who like keeping the our cars standard as possible, have done either; Lowered it slightly New exhaust system &/or fittted Air Con So, what would you do? Is it worth the money in your eyes? And remember, the work would be covered by warrenty!!! (or maybe I dreamt that bit!)
  3. Thanks FishWick - that's the exact info I was looking for. Perfect. I know Jim, car is in pretty good nick tbh. I was holding out for a straight, not messed with example. So fingers crossed when I get over there (tomorrow morning!) it'll all be ok.
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry guys - I know this is a Corrado forum, and my question relates to an S4 but any help my much appreciated. Anyway, I've just had an inspection done on a 2000 B5 S4 and it came back fine, bar two advisories. Namely; o/s/f upper arm rubber boots showing signs of wear, keep an eye on, and centre exhaust sleeve has started to corrode. Can someone tell me what kind've cost/work etc required to remedy these, in light of using as a bargining chip before handing over the cash. Many thanks Iain
  5. great stuff! cheers people. just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  6. just wondering if anyone with a keen eye for rolling road graphs can answer a few questions. It's regarding the results from a 2000 B5 S4 Avant that I've an interest in. Attached hopefully. 1. It looks ok to me - is it? 2. Whats the deal with the two attempts. One seems v different to the other? 3. I know this is childish, but can you gauge from these results, what kind've 0-60mph dash it would do? Thanks in advance guys Iain
  7. tidy red VR6 in Boscastle, cornwall last week. can't imagine there's many round that way! also saw an RS4 Avant same day. That's two of my top five in 20mins!
  8. yep - that time of the year again when a 'new' corrado concept gets thrust onto the internet.... doesn't look that bad mind... http://vagdrivers.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=64727
  9. I'm looking to remove the V-Maxx coilovers I currently have on the VR. There adjustable's and cost 350/400£ new. Handling is stunning, but fancy a change back to standard'ish, but with 20/30mm drop only. The old standard ones I took off are long gone, so no joy there. I take it I'll need set of lowering springs, dampeners, maybe top mounts etc??? Bit've a butthead when it comes to anything mechanical! Just need a parts list really. Mucho thanks in advance.
  10. thanks fendervg - here's the ad from 'done/deal.ie' if your keen. could alter the price for fellow forumer of course! http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/cars/2144175
  11. I'm putting my Storm up for sale in next few weeks. And reckon it's in pretty good condition. Can't imagine anyone coming to view and thinking it's a complete dog. Granted it's not absolutly mint, and the mileage is 133k, but other then that she's in very good health. Fendervg - your more then welcome to put the feelers out if you know someone looking for Corrado!!! I'm just having a dilemma with what price to put on it. Don't know if you saw the Green Storm for sale here in Wicklow - 112k on the clock, but lad was looking for €6.5k!!! Mine won't be anywhere near that! let me know your thoughts lads..
  12. no worries danny! loving the estate banter. Makes me feel better about the coupe to estate changeover. Good to see their's positive vibes out there. Walesy, loving the T-4. My brother would chew your arms and legs off for it. He's a surfer and being looking for something just like yours. He's gonna love those pics!! Coullstar - your avant - the first words out've my mouth on seeing pic were 'holy sh!t'. That's a seriously cool mode of transport. Regarding the nagaro - same here, it'll have to be that colour. Failing that the only other option is Silver. My reasoning being that only in those two colours can you see the splendor of the front bumper/intake area on the B5 S4. Just my opinion, but on the darker colours, ming blue, black etc, those features are lost and to the untrained eye the car can appear to be an A4. Something I've always wanted to have about my cars is a sort've 'blimey, wat the f#cks that' reaction. And both the front of the VR6 and, in my mind, any of the 'S' range audi have it. A sort've restrained menace about them if you will!!
  13. thanks coullstar - it's looking like budget is max £4,500, so B6's are out unfortunatly. Good point about the mpg. It is all relevent as you say. It's not I'm going from a Micra to an S4!! I'm well used to the fuel issue. sorry mikkij about the 1.9 TDi referance!! bit cheeky in fairness, didn't mean to come across like a twat! Going back to reliability etc, having now had 2 VR6's, one good, one bad. Do you reckon shopping in the 3-5k bracket for an S4 is asking for trouble? Just how bad are these cars in comparision to a vr6 with regard to things going wrong etc? any pics of your avant coullstar?!
  14. thanks for the feedback guys. Does'nt sound too good does it?!!! Fuel wise is not a big issue, don't do huge miles. One or two cross country trips a month maybe and would factor in the expense. Really just looking for a quality german family yoke with same/better performance then VR and with the magical X-Factor! I refuse to settle for a bland family car. Without clambering up onto a soapbox and preaching (to the converted I reckon!) about how I don't smoke/drink, go out much + work hard during the week, all to walk over and put the keys into a grey 1.9TDi. God, I'd rather get run over by a jimmy jeep!
  15. looking at replacing the VR with a more family man type ride. Other options include a 1.8T A4/A6 Avant 2002, but after having the 'raddo, I can't bear not having something 'a bit special' sat on my driveway. Anyone here had any experiance of these cars, good or bad?? Thanks
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