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  1. hmm, i can hear it when revving the engine at a standstill...
  2. Ive got a funny kind of nosie on the VR! Its there all the time and gets louder with engine noise. Sounds kind of fluttery? Thought it was the serpentine belt but appears not. Maybe its just the noise the engine makes i dont know?
  3. Im pretty sure thats what it is. That was on the G60. Its kind of behind the engine, almost under the dashboard. Its a part about 6 inches long with a metal bit at one end. Easy to replace as its inline with the coolant pipes, just need to undo the jubilee clips and replace it. Good luck, and keep warm...
  4. Does it start to blow lukewarmish air as the engine warms up - then go cold again? Thats what mine did. Theres some kind of valve in line with the heater pipes. Just at the back/right hand side of the engine near the expansion tank. Follow the pipes and theres some metal contraption fitted. This needs replacing - its only about £15, but i cant remember what its called - sorry!!!
  5. yeah i think id be covered for up to 90 days, and could come back every 90 days to keep it valid, although if im working over there for a year would they class me as resident over there?
  6. do you think there would be a problem having the car registered and taxed here, but insured in Ireland? or maybe it would be better to try and insure it in the UK?
  7. Hmm, i own a house over here and will be renting it out. If we put the Dublin house in the girlfriends name and get all out mail redirected, i could pretend i still live in the UK and just visit Dublin alot.... hmmmm :roll:
  8. well im 28 and have plenty of no claims, but 11 speeding points and im taking the VR6 over... I only pay £630 here but just got a quote for E1800 (£1200) over in Dublin. Do you know if i will take my points with me?? :roll:
  9. Hi all. Im moving to Ireland at Christmas for a year. Anyone know of any decent (cheap)insurance companies over there? p.s. thats Republic of Ireland / Dublin...
  10. julesz

    Heated mirrors

    Hi all. I have aproblem in that my heated mirrors dont work. Im guessing its the elements. Just wondering. Ive seen some stuff in Halfords, its a little bottle of electrically conductive paint which is used for fixing rear windscreen heating elements. I can imagine it being very ugly on a rear windscreen, but on a mirror it cant be seen. Do you think this will work? How do you get the glass off?
  11. julesz

    Steering wheel

    Ok heres a question. My steering wheel has a little bit of movement in and out, like in line with the shaft, not left and right or up and down. Its only a tiny bit but theres deffo a bit of movement. Any ideas on what to check? Its on a late VR6
  12. julesz

    Axel Bushes

    Hey all. I need my rear axel bushes (and bump stops) replacing. Can these be replaced with powerflex ones and is it worth it? Thanks J
  13. Hello. Anyone with an Origin B2... Do you know if its possible to have the road number displayed all the time, or just when you detect a camera? Thought it might be usefull - i never know where i am... :oops:
  14. Hi all. Just been to have a look at a Golf highline (Sorry its not a Corrado but i know you lot are very knowledgeable) and have a question about the steering wheel / Steering column. It seems like there is play in the column, ie you can lift it up and down. Any ideas what it could be? Cheers
  15. Whats the mounting bracket like on it. I was hoping to attach the console to the top of the rear view mirror if poss.
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