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  1. will.s

    WANTED: Project C

    Either to be honest!
  2. will.s

    WANTED: Project C

    still after a project if anyone knows of any!?!?
  3. will.s

    WANTED: Project C

    Haha yes I did, I don't think my welder will last that project ;)
  4. I have a green m ref 2.0l all front lights missing grey interior. it's been stood some time.

  5. will.s

    WANTED: Project C

    What about your g60 mate? Would it be possible to get some more info and picture sent?
  6. will.s

    WANTED: Project C

    Brilliant cheers for the reply! Lovely car but I'm looking for something a bit more worse for wear to be honest!
  7. will.s

    WANTED: Project C

    Cool! What's the details so on the vr6? Colour ect
  8. will.s

    WANTED: Project C

    After bringing back from the dead a g60 last year, Im looking for next corrado adventure (will be my 5th!!!) And want to sink my teeth into a project / restoration again. Does anyone know of a sad corrado that could do with a new breath of life? Preferably after a face-lift so 2.0 valver ect. Engine can be totally shot as will be removing it anyway! Thanks in advance! Will
  9. Is this still for sale? Thanks Will
  10. Hi there, is your vr6 still for sale?




  11. will.s

    Black carpets

    No longer needed but thanks guys!
  12. will.s

    Black carpets

    Brilliant yes the actual carpet is what I need, when are you thinking of removing it? And what's your price? Thanks, will
  13. will.s

    Black carpets

    If anyone could sell me a descent set of black carpets to fit in newly acquired G60 project I would be very much thankful! Thanks in advance
  14. Hey guys! I'm in the market for my 4th corrado, I've had a valver and 2 vr's and now I want something with FI, and im going to do the 20vt conversion. so if anyone has/knows of a cheap valver worthy of a project i would be great full. Thanks! Will
  15. love having another corrado danny!! got to say she galloped all the way home and didnt miss a beat! she is my friend workshop as we speak getting all greased up and legal! thanks again for the sale!!
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