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  1. Hi, have you got the inlet manifold? I'm just after the lower part if it's the 50mm one. Cheers, Sam.
  2. Hi folks, I am just after the lower part of the 16 v 50mm inlet manifold please as I am sending mine away to be chromed & need a temporary replacement. Cheers, Sam .
  3. I'll take the front bumper if you still have it & if it is a late one?
  4. Good condition Sparco 300 suede steering wheel with horn push, 300mm. A nice alternative to a Momo Team. £100 (These retail at £165). Collection welcome from New Mills, Derbyshire , SK22 3EL.
  5. It was actually an original performance trim one so at least I had a few years out of it. I will get one from LWS if I can't find a good 2nd hand one. Was hoping to get one for about £300 instead of the £650 brand new one. ;)
  6. samthegram

    Carbon bonnet

    Hi everyone. I am after a very good condition carbon bonnet (unpainted) to replace the one I did have before I made an enormous f**k up & forgot to clip it down properly before driving off. (you can guess what happened!!) :( Can anyone brighten my day with an early christmas present to myself? ;)
  7. Cheers for the pic of mine Tempest, I was parked next to you on the show n shine field. Sorry I didn't say hello, was too busy running around after my 4 year old trying to stop him getting in any vehicle that had an open door!
  8. samthegram

    Ebay chip

    Doh!! Ok , let us know when you've tried it, cheers.
  9. samthegram

    Ebay chip

    How did the longer term test with the chip go then? I've got one that I've had for ages & never fitted, do you think it's worth doing?
  10. Ok, I understand. I am still interested though. Is it trimmed with leather or suede/alcantara style? I only ask as I really wanted a standard one to dye black. I could still dye an alcantara one but not really a leather one as well.
  11. How much do you want for it? Do you think it's possible to post it?
  12. As per title, has anyone got one or is breaking a non sunroof corrado? Cheers, Sam.
  13. Has anyone got one please with no rips or tears/fag burns?
  14. samthegram


    Money sent this morning.
  15. samthegram


    Will call youtomorrow. Paypal ok?
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