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  1. BMC INDUCTION KIT for audi tt 225 or s3 - but will fit many other due to the flange that allows direct fitment onto vag maf. in mint condition - never used bracket around it to hold in engine bay as it was an eye sore nor was it needed. as a result it doesnt have the scrape marks across the body that you would usually find on a used kit. include a small price of cold air feed that will mate upto the original vag cold air feed to allow oem fitment. looks great, sounds great. PRICE - £150 LOCATION - leicester le4 CONTACT - 07734931385
  2. flat bottom steering from an audi r8 multifunction buttons on either side has dsg pedals (do not have to be used) air bag cover included but no airbag inside black leather/black stitching with brushed aluminium trim + ring + badge ...in my opinion the best colour combination available for this steering PRICE - £275 LOCATION - LEICESTER LE4 CONTACT - 07734931385
  3. this is ideal for anyone trying to achieve big power on a forced induction vr6 or even for someone after closer ratios for the n/a for a better sprint based car. includes: 6spd 02m drp gearbox - already has a 6cylinder bell housing to mate up directly to a vr6 12/24v engine. the drp based boxes are known to be the strongest of the choices 6spd gear shifter with all linkages c2 motorsport 02m gearbox mount to negate the need for chassis leg based mounts allowing fitment in vehicles such as golf mk2/mk3/corrado etc vr6 front subframe with wishbones which has had the gearbox cup relocated to allow use of the c2 motorsport mount for drive axel clearence. everything is in full working order and a little bit oily/mechanical dirt. i was planning on having everything freshly powdercoated before putting this up for sale but realised it would only add to the sale price. As it is you have the choice to either leave it functional and dirty or paint/powdercoat/anodise/polish in what every colour scheme you wish. this set up does not include any driveshafts as you have a few choices depending on your intentions for this: - if going 4wd you will need custom length driveshafts - if keeping it fwd you have 2 choices again: 1. use the 02m transfer box to help create driveshafts of equal length to aid with torque steer issues or maybe in anticipation of a 4wd conversion. 2. remove the dead weight of transferbox and keep it fwd. here a stock skoda drive shaft + a custom driveshaft can be used. all custom driveshafts can be made to a higher spec than standard from a range of fabricators or a cheaper option is to shorten and balance your original driveshafts from an experienced engineer (if you require help i can pass you some contact details) PRICE: 600 LOCATION: leicester le4 ...can have transport arranged around the country if required at cost. CONTACT: 07734931385 (call r text if interest is genuine
  4. yes meant front grill thats a shame about the dead production spoonfed tuning one is nice but i think i prefere it with the badge. ...its all about the rear extended spoiler with spoonfed though ;) any clues as to what these early grills go for second hand then as you recently sold one? ...can pm if thats a better idea
  5. would anyone have knowledge of weather early grills are still available new?
  6. 02m 6spd manual gearbox from a v6 4motion gearbox code DRP - this is the desirable one when building a high power v6 car due to being able to withstand higher torque (generally stronger than the r32 gearbox) was used for moc up and has not been used or tested by my self as i have another gearbox that is being rebuilt with lsd and different gear ratios for final use PRICE: 250 LOCATION: leicester le4 CONTACT: 0773four93one385
  7. audi s3 8l haldex gen1 set up consists of: - differential - subframe - suspension arms - driveshafts - hubs - brakes - tie arms - shocks - prop shaft and prop doughnuts items were removed from a car that had done 54k PRICE: £275 LOCATION: leicester le4 CONTACT: 077three4nine313eight5
  8. compomotive mo 15" x 7 et 25 5x98 stud pattern I bought these with the intention of refurbishing and fitting some slick/semi slick tyres on for one of my projects but plans have changed and i would benefit more from the space now. I was going to use wobble bolts to achieve 5x100 fitment so they would fit vag range cars. I have cleaned one wheel for prospective buyers to see how well they clean up and to be honest they have come up better than I expected...they look quite good and could easily be left as they are ....ideal circumstances would mean a refurb PRICE: £210 LOCATION: leicester le4 CONTACT: 077three4nine3138five
  9. 1999 T GOLF MK4 1.8T (20V TURBO) 5DR – RED Engine code: AGU MILES: 187k TAX: expired 28 feb 2013 MOT: 30th april 2013 FIRST REGISTERED: 27.5.1999 · Excellent runner, drives perfect · Suspension very tight and brakes well (due to many new parts) · Heated Recaro seats with immaculate interior (amazing for age and mileage!) · Bodywork is very good (all panels straight with good paint finish – small area of laquer peel on front passenger door) · 4 good tyres and a spare (all branded) · Lots of history! ( see pics) · Lots of new parts on engine hence drives great LAST SERVICE: Carried out on 4.8.12 · Oil service - new oil filter (genuine) - 4.3l oil (genuine quantum) - New sump nut and (genuine) · Pollen filter · Air filter · Engine bay detailed and regreased · Door hinges regreased · Brakes, steering and exhaust inspected. PREVIOUS SERVICES: · 12.10.99 11252miles vw priory park · 06.03.00 21441 “ · 14.06.00 29746 “ · 1.11.00 41009 “ · 31.01.01 50195 “ · 3.05.01 60000 “ · 18.9.01 70223 “ · 15.01.02 814218 “ · 04.11.02 90755 c.m services · Service manual notes to refere to invoices ( as written in service book) · 2.06.04 107984 · 01.04.05 115192 trust Volkswagen · 13.12.08 · 18.03.09 151478 manor garage · 03.09.09 · 06.02.2010 · 24.05.2010 · 19.04.2011 · 4.8.12 180k+ the services above that do not have mileage on them is because the previous owner did not note down the mileage but instead has only kept receipts of all the parts changed during services Significant/important new parts: 2011 & 2010 · New turbo and acuator · Reconditioned head · Cambelt change and water pum · New air mass meter · New n75 valve · throttle body hose · battery · pcv hoses and check valve · scuttle panel · coolant header tank · new windscreen · oil filler cap · water pipe · ribbed belt and vale cover gasket set · heater matrix · new recirc valve 2009 -2007 · antiroll bar bushes · head set + head gasket set · oil cooler · oil pump · battery · air con recharge · brakes discs + pads · brake hoses · coolant sensor· - water pipe · cambelt change at vw (150927) · + waterpump + tensioners + fan belt + antifreeze + service · Brake vacuum hose · Reverse light switch · Turbo oil line + coolant pipes + turbo hoses · Rear axel bushes · 2005 clutch + flywheel + many many many more receipts ….see photos PRICE: £900 LOCATION: leicester LE4 CONTACT: 07734931385 [/img]
  10. ok just to confirm then; ngk's website recommend bkr5eku for the vr6 - twin electrode http://www.ngkpartfinder.co.uk/car_commercial_search.php?type=SPARK%2520PLUGS&manufact=VOLKSWAGEN&model=GOLF%2520MK3%2520%252891--%253E98%2529&engine=2.8 http://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/pages/database/plug-detail-ccp.asp?partno=BKR5EKU but this forum most users often talk about the ngk bkr5e - which is only single electrode http://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/pages/database/plug-detail-ccp.asp?partno=BKR5E and by using the search and going through some old posts which lead me to some links on where to by these plugs from, another varient was recommended which is ngk bkr5e II (which i do not understand what the significant diference here is to the bkr5e) http://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/pages/database/plug-detail-ccp.asp?partno=BKR5E-11 ...can someone please give the definitive answer and please explain the rationale behind it from what i can deduce it seems as though the twin electrode (ngk bkr5eku) is the plug of choice. That then lead me straight to another dilemma ...plug gapping. After many hours of reading i came across this interesting thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1458763 it basically concludes the plug is pre-gaped and measuring the gap distances requires a slightly unconventional method
  11. According to ngk these are an upgrade over stock ...has anyone tried them? http://www.ngkpartfinder.co.uk/car_commercial_extra.php?id=9098
  12. anyone tried the borg warner match bot for the vr6 yet? http://www.turbodriven.com/performanceturbos/matchbot/index.html#version=1.2&displacement=2.8&CID=170.856&altitude=500&baro=14.456&aat=75&turboconfig=1&compressor=70s75&pt1_rpm=2000&pt1_ve=85&pt1_boost=5&pt1_ie=99&pt1_filres=0.08&pt1_ipd=0.2&pt1_mbp=0.5&pt1_ce=66&pt1_te=75&pt1_egt=1550&pt1_ter=1.18&pt1_pw=2.94&pt1_bsfc=0.43&pt1_afr=11.5&pt1_wts=300&pt1_wd=83&pt1_wd2=74&pt1_wrsin=69033&pt2_rpm=3000&pt2_ve=95&pt2_boost=10&pt2_ie=95&pt2_filres=0.1&pt2_ipd=0.2&pt2_mbp=1&pt2_ce=70&pt2_te=73&pt2_egt=1600&pt2_ter=1.36&pt2_pw=9.68&pt2_bsfc=0.45&pt2_afr=11.5&pt2_wts=320&pt2_wd=83&pt2_wd2=74&pt2_wrsin=73635&pt3_rpm=4000&pt3_ve=100&pt3_boost=15&pt3_ie=95&pt3_filres=0.12&pt3_ipd=0.3&pt3_mbp=1.3&pt3_ce=74&pt3_te=72&pt3_egt=1650&pt3_ter=1.61&pt3_pw=22.44&pt3_bsfc=0.48&pt3_afr=11.5&pt3_wts=340&pt3_wd=83&pt3_wd2=74&pt3_wrsin=78238&pt4_rpm=5000&pt4_ve=100&pt4_boost=17&pt4_ie=92&pt4_filres=0.15&pt4_ipd=0.4&pt4_mbp=1.5&pt4_ce=76&pt4_te=71&pt4_egt=1650&pt4_ter=1.81&pt4_pw=30.95&pt4_bsfc=0.5&pt4_afr=11.5&pt4_wts=368&pt4_wd=83&pt4_wd2=74&pt4_wrsin=84681&pt5_rpm=6000&pt5_ve=105&pt5_boost=17&pt5_ie=90&pt5_filres=0.18&pt5_ipd=0.5&pt5_mbp=1.8&pt5_ce=72&pt5_te=70&pt5_egt=1650&pt5_ter=1.98&pt5_pw=34.68&pt5_bsfc=0.52&pt5_afr=11.5&pt5_wts=400&pt5_wd=83&pt5_wd2=74&pt5_wrsin=92044&pt6_rpm=7000&pt6_ve=105&pt6_boost=17&pt6_ie=90&pt6_filres=0.2&pt6_ipd=0.6&pt6_mbp=2&pt6_ce=66&pt6_te=70&pt6_egt=1650&pt6_ter=2.18&pt6_pw=36.45&pt6_bsfc=0.55&pt6_afr=11.5&pt6_wts=400&pt6_wd=83&pt6_wd2=74&pt6_wrsin=92044&
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