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  1. Danny B can I borrow your dog? I think I've got an idea.....
  2. I suspect that may only make things worse......ever buffed a car with a cat?
  3. My next door neighbours pussy is really getting on my case at the moment. No sooner have I washed the car and parked it up in the street than the little bleeder hops on the bonnet where it's nice and warm and settles down for kip! Come morning I've got a pile of ginger cat pubes and general filth all over the bonnet :bad-words: I can't watch over the car all the time and for some reason my Clifford alarm (with proximity sensor which throws a hissy-fit if it's even raining on the car!) doesn't seem to notice this stealthy little fecker! Any humane ideas for stopping the little blighter? I've heard lion poo does the job but this seems the lesser of two evils! Cheers,
  4. Thanks to quicky1980 for injectors and fuel rail, well packaged and as described, cheers.
  5. Belated thanks also to Besian who supplied many parts last year including a Milltek exhaust, PAS hoses and a 288 brake kit, all good prices, well packaged gear. Cheers
  6. Thanks also to Dave16v for the door handle repair kit, mega prompt delivery!
  7. Thanks to Dazfxvw for hinge covers and battery leads, cheers
  8. Many thanks to StueyB for supplying battery leads and terminals, got me back on the road :D ! Well packaged and prompt delivery. Cheers
  9. Yeah, it was Rimstyle I spoke to but they made it sound like they'd be sticky-out stretch tyre sort of look with the offset they offered. Yours look like a perfect fit. Wouldn't mind knowing the offsets if you've got them handy but no worries if not, I'll give them a ring again. Cheers
  10. Hi, looks great, I just wondered if the wheels are the Lenso BSX's? I looked at these last year but at that time they didn't do 5 stud, custom drilled blanks were the only way to get the 5x100 pcd and I wasn't too sure about the offsets. What have you gone for in the end? Cheers,
  11. We use a Mamas and Papas Pliko Pramette, a bit dear but it folds down enough to go in the Rado's boot without taking up all the room. It's adaptable for new borns up to toddlers. Try before you buy is my advice, particularly with the seats. They do fit Rado's, find a good shop and try a few.
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