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  1. Put the car in gear and handbrake off and "rock" it back and forth. This might unlock the starter if that's the problem .
  2. A Land Rover one is the same. I got one off Ebay. Sorry but I don't have a link but I did find the info on this forum . Hth .
  3. Bummer. I'd definately get the steering geometry checked just in case something has been bent . Hope you got the other driver's details .
  4. VW Transporter van of a similar age is the same
  5. A pair of grilles. Been painted. One has a crack. Some clips missing. £30 posted.
  6. Have you tried the local authority? I rent two from them here on Anglesey and its about £30 a month each. I keep my Corrado in one and X5 in the other(admittedly a tight squeeze) . Access whenever I want as i have the only key.
  7. Please remember to undo the brake fluid reservoir cap and have an old rag or something to soak up any fluid that comes out. Top up afterwards but it might be an opportunity to flush the system and fill with new brake fluid.
  8. GazG60

    MOT pass

    Hope you get a pass. Good luck.
  9. GazG60

    MOT pass

    The old girl passed its test yesterday with just an advisory for a small oil leak. I never put a spanner on here. Happy days
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